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This video is a fascinating behind the scenes look into what North Koreans think about Americans.

North Korean defectors tell their stories of what it was like to grow up in North Korea and the types of propaganda they encountered from an early age.

In one story we learn that incoming UN food shipments (foreign aid), are reframed by the North Korean government as a gift that was the “result of, and testament to, the political skills of our Great Leader”.

We also learn that North Koreans are never taught what the American flag looks like or what the letters USA stand for.

So as the shipments of food poured into North Korea, bearing the US flag along with the letters USA, North Koreans had no idea the food they were receiving (and that was saving so many of their lives) was coming from the very people they had been propagandized to hate.

North Kora Kim Yung Un with food

Another defector told us of how, as children, they would play a game where they would take turns running from a starting point, out to a dummy made to look like US soldier, stab it with a knife, and then run back to the starting point as fast as possible.

The fastest one was the winner.

The stories keep coming and they are all incredible.

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