NRA Goes Up Against UN Over Arms Trade Treaty

The United Nations agreed on Monday to hold discussions next year regarding an international arms treaty, but the National Rifle Association says they are all set to step in and make sure the measure isn’t approved.

The UN has put aside 10 days in March 2013 to negotiate terms of the Arms Trade Treaty, an international agreement that would forbid member states from exporting firearms to countries either under an arms embargo or in instances where exporting weapons would facilitate “the commission of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes” or other violations of humanitarian law. Only three days after the General Assembly agreed to hold discussions in the new year, though, the NRA announced that it intends on keeping any such measure from being enacted.

Speaking to journalists on Thursday, NRA President David Keene said, “We’re as opposed to it today as we were when it first appeared.”

“We do not see anything in terms of the language and the preamble as being any kind of guarantee of the American people’s rights under the Second Amendment,” Keene said.

The Obama White House insists that the proposed arms treaty would not impact the sale of arms within the United States in its current form, but would instead require other UN member states to sign on to restrictions on par with America’s own regulations regarding the export of guns. The NRA, however, is adamant with their claims that any changes to gun laws, federal or international, would pose a problem to the constitutional right to bear arms under the Second Amendment.

NRA Goes Up Against UN Over Arms Trade Treaty [continued]


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