Obama: ‘To realize the promise of the UN, the US must give up freedoms’

January 2, 2017

Obama in his final address to the United Nations.

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5 Comments on "Obama: ‘To realize the promise of the UN, the US must give up freedoms’"

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He is not criticized in his own nation.. he is ABHORRED in his own nation. This is the most anti-American president in history. Thank God he will soon be the most anti-American EX president in history. 🙂


Not an idiot


Betty Salsbury

Obviously Obozo wants to be appointed to the top post in the UN so he can continue his raping of America.


This election year, we have seen the socialist side of the Democratic Party. Their goal is to globalize our economy, trade and practices in the USA. Give me, give me, give me is their slogan and song. In this speech by Obama to the UN tells just how far left he is willing to go to give up our sovereignty and bow to the international leadership of the UN. Let’s pull our dollars from support and use it to pay off our debt.

Blank Reg

No. Just no. The era of Trump shall be marked by transparency, accountability, and a restoration of sovereignty. If Obummer wants to be SecGen of the UN, he may end up leading an organization where the US is no longer a member, and they had to move the building to Beijing, or someplace.