Obamacare: A Massive Privacy Breach Waiting To Happen

health-care-privacy-applicationEvery day that Obamacare remains in place is like another block being taken out of a Jenga tower; we’re just one turn away from a total collapse.

We already know that, thanks to the law, health care premiums are risingJobs are being lost. And the quality of health care itself will decline. But it’s only a matter of time before the law causes another crisis: a national breach of individual privacy.

Fears of data breaches are real; the health and financial information of millions of Americans are housed in a massive federal government database called the “Data Hub.” That database will provide information to each state’s health care exchange, where individuals and small businesses are expected to purchase insurance plans online.

But even though the state-based exchanges are operating at various levels of functionality, there’s already been a disturbing security breach.

In September an employee of MNsure, the Minnesota Obamacare health insurance exchange, sent the email addresses, Social Security numbers, and other identifying information of hundreds insurance brokers to another agent.

It appears that the MNsure data breach was accidental and that there was no malicious intent. But however innocent, the public needs to understand that risk of privacy failures is just more one reason to repeal Obamacare.

In this digital age, there will always be the risk of data breaches. But the idea that the government isn’t taking, at a minimum, the same steps that a Fortune 500 company would take to secure sensitive personal information should cause alarm no matter one’s political ideology.

Obamacare: A Massive Privacy Breach Waiting To Happen [continued]




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