Oklahoma Police Beat Man To Death In Front Of Family For Trying To Defuse A Family Fight


In the latest instance of police brutality, three Moore, Oklahoma police officers have been placed on administrative leave while the department investigates their involvement in the death of Luis Rodriquez.

At a night out at the movies, Luis, his wife, Nair, and their daughter got into a verbal altercation that ended with Nair slapping the daughter and storming off. Luis attempted to defuse the situation by going after his wife when police stopped him and demanded his identification. His wife, meanwhile, continued to get in her car and was about to drive off so Luis didn’t stop for the police and kept on walking. That was all it took for the five officers on scene to take him down and start beating him.

The daughter, Lunahi, told News9 that the officers never gave him a chance, but continued to beat him long after he stopped struggling.

“When they flipped him over you could see all the blood on his face, it was, he was disfigured, you couldn’t recognize him.”

By that time, Nair Rodriguez said she was convinced Luis was dead.

“I saw him. His [motionless] body when people carry it to the stretcher,” she explained. “I knew that he was dead.”

The police never bothered to investigate the incident that started the night.

Oklahoma Police Beat Man To Death In Front Of Family For Trying To Defuse A Family Fight [continued]


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  • m4bigger

    Who else gets to partake in a ‘beating to death of someone’ and then gets a paid vacation; after which he will be exonerated. Ah, the courageous men in blue.

  • peck2

    I am still looking forward to the headline..”Citizens beat and shoot and kill 5 out of control thug police who were beating an 80 yr old woman in a wheel chair.” I would be proud to be one of those citizens.

  • fatwillie

    When the people have had enough, and that day will come, these thugs and those like them, will be no where to be found as they are cowards. Easy to beat up people and or kill them, when they are not fighting back, but as peck2 says the future is written.

  • Capt Parker

    This is the “why” behind the Second Amendment and the militia clause therein!

  • Anothercoilgun

    And as usual all they are going to do is sit in front of a camera and hope someone else does for them in court. LOL

  • coastx

    Inquisition LEO. Psychopath fraternal police organization.

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