Oklahoma Seeks Nullification of ObamaCare, Power To Arrest Federal Agents

From the PryorDailyTimes.com:

Broken Arrow Republican State Representative Dr. Mike Ritze, who represents  District 80 in the state house, is a family physician and surgeon. Ritze said he authored a nullification bill regarding ObamaCare last session which was passed out of the judiciary committee but never brought for a vote on the house floor.

Ritze released a press statement in which he stated “I am going to continue my efforts to pass legislation in Oklahoma to nullify the law in our state.”  Ritze continued, “Although most Americans want to see our health care system improved, they do not want the government to take it over or to make important decisions for them. There is a conservative approach to fixing the system, which is to remove the government intervention already in place that has kept it from being a truly free market system.”

KTUL.com reports:

 His bill would authorize the Oklahoma Attorney General to defend those who fail to buy health insurance and it would criminalize the enforcement of the individual mandate.

In other words, the state of Oklahoma would arrest and imprison Federal agents who sought to enforce Obamacare within it’s borders should this legislation pass.

Also see: http://capitolbeatok.com/reports/ritze-seeks-nullification-of-obamacare



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