Police Background Checks Delay Maryland Gun Purchases Creating Massive Backlog

Maryland gun stores dealing with massive backlogMaryland State police are dealing with a massive backlog as they try to process thousands of background checks on people waiting to buy handguns. For some, the wait right now to get a handgun is more than 100 days. The police are required by Maryland law to conduct an extensive background check for every handgun application.

“It’s a challenge. It’s one that we are working around the clock, literally, to address,” said Greg Shipley, Maryland State Police.

So far this year–more than 72,000 firearms applications. This year on average, 2,300 new applications come in each week–triple the number of applications they were handling each week in 2010.

The law allows police up to seven days to do the background checks. After that, stores can legally give those guns to customers. But state police have asked stores not to do that.

Some stores, like Pasadena Pawn & Gun are complying, but reluctantly. “Customers are very upset, calling and complaining all the time. My hands are tied. There’s nothing I can do,” said owner Frank Loane.

And while the stores wait for state police to finish those background checks, many of them end up holding onto the guns their customers want to buy. Entire offices are full of rifles waiting to go to their owners. And in other rooms, entire walls are filled with handguns the store has been hanging onto. Some of these have been sitting here for more than 100 days.

Police Background Checks Delay Maryland Gun Purchases Creating Massive Backlog [continued]


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    You have to scroll down quite a ways on the page to view the 55 minute video under LEARN MORE HERE, “Crime and Government” by Max Igan. Very good video.

  • R.Young

    The Great State of Maryland should take ownership of all the guns on hold until the necessary paperwork and checks are completed (no matter How Long it may be) put them into storage and then once everything is completed when a person goes to pick up their firearm they should be charged with storage fees! Great way to fill the state coffers and create jobs!

    • MD hunter

      In that case, the next time you have your vehicle repaired and it has to stay overnight, the dealer should charge you storage fees. I bet you would cry the blues then. The “Great State of Maryland” should stand up to the laws they created and find a way the firearm can be released after the 7th day into the hands of someone who is allowed to own it. I am sure you very educated in something but you definitely lack common sense with that idea of creating jobs

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