Police Chief Mark Kessler: Police Are Trained To Treat Everyone As A Criminal

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From YouTube description:

Police Chief Mark Kessler, of Gilberton Borough, Pennsylvania, spoke briefly about current police academy training portrays citizens in general as criminals and threats to local law enforcement.

“When I go through the police academy, they treat everyone that you come in contact with is a criminal. Everyone with a firearm is out to kill you. That’s what they teach us at the academy.” He continued, “I have a real hard time swallowing that.”

“That’s why you have all these young police officers that graduate from these academies and they come out and they want to kick butt and take names, and ruin lives, over nonsense. They terrorize people over a turn signal, or having a brake light out. They want to search your car right away, they want to demonize the American people, the average citizen, the law-abiding citizen.”

“I have better things to do with my time than worry about somebody who has a broken tail light,” Kessler said. “That’s nit-picking nonsense.”

“We need to educate our police officers a lot better. A lot better,” Kessler said. “What comes out of these academies is shameful, its really shameful.”

Chief Kessler is perhaps best known for his advocacy of the 2nd Amendment Preservation Act, and promoting the Oathkeepers organization.


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  • Anothercoilgun

    I will print his statement to a t-shirt to let the world see. At least the word around me.

  • Arizona

    ALL you cops think WE are criminals?we don’t let the goverment robb everyone blind ,YOU DO,we don’t kick in doors and rob and murder people but you DO,we don’t stop people on the road and rob them,BUT YOU DO,we don’t LIE in court BUT YOU DO,we don’t protect bankers robbing everyone,BUT YOU DO,we don’t drag little kids out of school for wearing a NRA T-shirt,BUT YOU DO,as a matter of fact YOUR THE WORSE CRIMINALS IN AMERICA,and WE KNOW IT……..no wonder your planning to help the chinese and russians,but your daddy OBAMA THE ANTI-CHRIST,DON’T win this WAR,WE DO……and then ALL obamas helpers get to join LUCIFER at his house for their final dinner,good luck all you devil worshipping criminals………

  • Alex Masters

    We need more honourable and intelligent LEO’s like Chief Kessler. Get rid of the criminals with badges who are nothing more than mindless automatons.