Police Chief’s Son Indicted For Brutality, It’s One of Three Abuse Allegations


By Michael Zennie

Officer Evan Cossett is accused of shoving the handcuffed prisoner, knocking him unconscious, and then lying about the incident
Two mother men have also accused Cossett of excessive force and brutality and are suing the city of Meriden, Connecticut.
Cossett is the son of Meriden Police Chief Jeffrey Cossett, who has been accused of giving his son special treatment

The son of a Connecticut police chief has been indicted by a federal grand jury after he was seen on video throwing a handcuffed inmate into a jail cell and cracking his head on a metal bench, which knocked him unconscious.

The May 2010 battery is just one of three police brutality complaints against Meriden police Officer Evan Cossett, who allegedly avoided discipline because his father Jeffrey Cossett leads the department.

Surveillance video inside the cell shows Evan Cossett shoving Pedro Temich backwards as his hands are cuffed behind his back. When he falls, Temich hits his head and is clearly out cold.

Injured: Temich bashed his head against a bench in the cell and required several stitches after he was found unconscious by an emergency dispatcher. Cossett is accused of lying in his police report

Cossett doesn’t go for medical help, and instead re-enters the cell several times to move the unconscious prisoner around, first propping him up and then removing his handcuffs.

A pool of blood is visible on the floor of the cell.

Raw footage

Authorities say Cossett then lied about the incident in his police report, claiming that Temich had resisted him and tried to fight, according to the Meriden Record Journal.

An internal affairs supervisor initially recommended that Cossetted be disciplined with a temporary suspension.

However, Deputy Chief Timothy Topulos intervened in the case and instead issued a letter of reprimand and ordered him to go to training — a much less severe punishment.

Police Chief’s Son Indicted For Brutality, It’s One of Three Abuse Allegations [continued]


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  • LetsTryLibertyAgain

    Another police officer clearly brutalizing a defenseless person – this time a man in handcuffs, cracking his skull and rendering him unconscious – and he gets… you guessed it… “paid leave”. A vacation. Yeah, that’s justice.

    The police chief’s son could get 20 years in prison if convicted? Anyone want to bet on him serving a day in jail, much less 20 years?