December 25, 2014

POLL: Bloomberg Asks, Guns or Police?

July 26, 2012

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In an interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan, Mayor Bloomberg recently said that the police should refuse to work until the people agree to give up their guns. It begs the question….if you had to choose between your right to have a gun or the continued existence of the police department, which would you choose?


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  • Jim Horne

    I will choose my gun every time… Bloomburg you suck on so meny levels…

  • Anthony White

    I want to know where he's getting his armor piercing ammo???? Since it is NOT available to the public, only police, military personel, & special forces!!!

  • Michael Harper


  • Daniel Abel

    I live in NYC. Bloomberg is the worst, and closest to a dictator. At least he thinks he is. I know this may be wrong to say but NYC would be a better place if he just died today.

  • Mark Reynolds

    Hey Bloomturd…put the results of THAT pole in your pipe and smoke it.

  • Scott W. Trent Jr.

    STUPID MAN, why not both?, you IDIOT!!!!!!!

  • Ussula Lutrova

    i vote to keep our guns..the police never make it to your home on time for a robbery/rape/murder anyways…they only get there in time to record what already happened…

    by the way bloomberg can go fuck himself for even posing that kind of question…

  • Ussula Lutrova

    as far as im concerned this joker just lost all respect of all sane americans and lost his legitamacy to be in politics ever again…its a constitutional RIGHT to bear arms and as we know the declaration of independence clearly states that all rights are part of the human condition, hence are "inalienable", and we declared our independence to escape tyranny. guns help defend against loss of life from criminal thugs but they also help defend against all forms of tyranny, foreign and domestic.

  • thomas jefferson

    SHOULDN”T it be MAYORS who suck off the queen whore drug dealer of england,and wouldn’t it be great if every pig in new york walked off the job,we could start arresting criminals who been robbing america blind for the past hundred years,and the ROTTEN animals, that call themselves pigs would all have to leave town to…………………………..

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