POLL: Should Americans defend their gun rights with their guns and with their lives?

It seems that some in government are wondering if they can come and take our guns. This begs the question…

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  • peck2

    The only thing missing here is a photo of Barko Hussein O’Bungler along side Hitler, Mao,etal.


  • 777

    Kill those would come to confiscate!

  • just Common Sense

    It’s not a question of Should Americans defend their gun rights with their guns and with their lives, It’s an absolute necessity that we do so, when someone attempts to deny you your natural right to defend yourself, this act is an act of war, treason, breech of the oath of their office, wherein you are fully justified to counter attack without prejudice and thereby relieve the treasonous war mongering actor of being able to draw another breath, it’s really not complicated. I was in fear for my life, I had No Personal knowledge he was who he said he was, by his treasonous acts he vacated his office via breech of oath and, this person woks for a corporation, there is no state or federal constitutional authority for either to operate in this manor whereby the pretending piece officer is in actuality a corporate mercenary.

  • Parker Orfield

    Molon Labe!!!!!!