Rand Paul: Filibuster A Possibility On Syria Vote

rand paul 350x250By Sean Sullivan

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), one of the most outspoken opponents of military action in Syria, wouldn’t rule out the possibility Tuesday of launching a standing filibuster over the issue in the Senate.

“I can’t imagine that we won’t require 60 votes on this,” Paul told reporters on an afternoon conference call. “Whether there’s an actual standing filibuster — I’ve got to check my shoes and check my ability to hold my water. And we will see. I haven’t made a decision on that.”

Paul attracted widespread attention in March when he launched a marathon filibuster over the Obama administration’s use of unmanned aerial drones, winning support from some GOP colleagues and prompting criticism from others.

Rand Paul: Filibuster A Possibility On Syria Vote [continued]


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  • Sarah Conner

    I like Rand Paul and his spunk…mean while our enemies are killing each other…mr.obama,stand down…let them kill each other…why would we care,this is about a country that is trying to become a Republic and we’re going to interfere?…I don’t think so…and if you think differently, you want to control what is going…good luck with that…