Rand Paul to Mitt Romney: Support Audit the Fed bill

Senator Rand Paul said Wednesday that he wants presidential candidate Mitt Romney to come out publicly in support of Ron Paul‘sAudit the Fed bill. His father’s bill recently passed by a voice vote in the House oversight committee, and will come up for a full vote in the House next month. Senator Paul said that if Governor Romney were to do that, he believes it would be one way to bring some of Ron Paul’s supporters into the Mitt Romney camp. It is significant that the vote on this bill, and presumably Mitt Romney’s support for it, would come before what is expected to be a contentious Republican national convention.

Reigning in the Federal Reserve is the signature issue for Dr. Paul’s campaign, and the one issue that separates Ron Paul supporters from much of the rest of the Republican Party. When voters gain an appreciation for the damage that is done to the free enterprise system by the often covert actions of the Federal Reserve, many of them become Ron Paul supporters and they never go back. If Governor Romney were to say he agreed with Dr. Paul on this issue, and he was willing to put his political reputation on the line – in a real sense validating Dr. Paul and his supporters, it might create some “softening” toward Governor Romney.

Rand Paul to Mitt Romney: Support Audit the Fed bill [continued]


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  • Michael Smith

    Putting Mittens on the hot seat. GENIUS!

  • Amber Lux

    Romney is so manipulative anyway. I personally don't think any true libertarians should be softened toward Romney no matter what he says. He's a crook and there isn't anything he can say, or "support" to make me see him any differently.