Who Is The Real ‘Big Bucks’ Bully In The Gun Control Debate?

Michael Bloomberg: big bucks bullyFor many years, the gun ban lobby has portrayed the National Rifle Association as the big money bully in the gun control debate, but stories published today and yesterday suggest that the real big spender is anti-gun New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has dumped a wad of cash into thwarting a Colorado recall election in defense of two Democrats who could get the boot for backing that state’s new gun control laws.

Bloomberg may not have spent any money in Washington State so far to help determine the future of a 15-page gun control initiative, but that battle really doesn’t begin until 2014,when the measure could appear on the ballot.

Colorado right now is higher on Bloomberg’s spending priority list, because if voters in two districts kick out Senators Angela Giron of Pueblo and John Morse of Colorado Springs. An Op-Ed in today’s National Review Online contends both should be recalled.

While Democrats would still hold a slight majority in the Colorado Legislature if both senators are taken down, their recall would send a signal not just to Denver but to other state capitols that Bloomberg and other anti-gunners do not want delivered. Bluntly, it would put gun prohibitionists on notice that they might face a similar problem for voting against the constitutionally-protected civil rights of their constituents.

Today’s reports say Bloomberg has spent $350,000 against an estimated $100,000 put up by the NRA in the Colorado battle.

Who is the real ‘big bucks’ bully in the gun control debate? [continued]


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  • Parker Orfield

    Bloomberg bought the governors election in Virginia. The gun grabbing Nazis have been very busy. The EPA made new regulations that closed the last lead smelting plant in the U.S. That means lead and or bullets will have to be imported. Why do you think all those federal government agencies bought all that ammo? This was a plan from the very the beginning to go around the second amendment and the constitution to make firearms useless. The last bastions of freedom have been taken away from the American people!