The Real Reason The Federal Government Is Coming Around On Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana legalizationIn recent news Eric Holder announced the Federal Government would ‘allow’ the states of Colorado and Washington to keep their marijuana legalization laws in place and that they would not seek to jail marijuana consumers or sanctioned suppliers of Marijuana (dispensaries, etc.).  John McCain has also done an about face on Marijuana, changing his position from one of marijuana being ‘a harmful drug that needs to be kept illegal at all costs’ to one of an admission that ‘maybe it’s time to legalize’.

Why the change of heart from these members of the Federal government?

It’s because they are beaten and they don’t want you or me to know it.

From HuffPo:

Attorney General Eric Holder informed the governors of Washington and Colorado that the Department of Justice would allow the states to create a regime that would regulate and implement the ballot initiatives that legalized the use of marijuana for adults.

Let’s get one thing straight, Eric Holder and his Federal government counterparts aren’t ‘allowing’ for anything.  The states have already done what they want and the Feds simply can’t do anything about it.  The Feds don’t want you or me to see it this way because if we did we would recognize that the states have the real power in this country and that the Federal government is weak when the states stand up to it.  The powers that be are scared to death that Americans may eventually come to this conclusion on most every issue (and we will) as it will end the top down power structure they have been trying to instill in our minds for so many years.

What do you do when you’re losing ground legally but want to keep your footing as the definitive source of power in the American psyche?  You start pretending like it was all your idea of course.  That way you can try to steer the momentum, be a part of popular opinion, and struggle to keep whatever parts of the drug war you can salvage.  War is the health of the state and the drug war is no exception, so you can bet the Feds will do all they can to keep the drug war alive.

In the coming months you’ll see more acceptance of marijuana legalization from people ‘at the top’, while they argue for very large restrictions to remain in place.  Their goal is to dampen the drug law reforms that are coming from the people at the state level and in so doing dampen any additional Federal law reforms should we the people start to  get any other ‘bright ideas’.  In order to keep up appearances they have to attack this idea that ‘the people won’ by any means possible. They’ll say that it’s ok to legalize marijuana for consumption but that it must be regulated by them.  And you can bet that anyone who makes and sells marijuana outside their system will still be considered a criminal.

The truth is the states created the Federal government and not the other way around.  The Federal government is nothing more than a co-op put in place by the states to make certain functions easier and more efficient.  Co-ops aren’t supposed to call the shots, they are supposed to provide service to their members.

The states have the true power and the public has shown it is aware of this fact on the issue of Marijuana.  Someday soon Americans will come to understand this truth on all issues not delegated to the Federal government by the U.S. Constitution, and when they do it will be a great step towards restoring our republic.

The Tenth Amendment:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

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  • lonmoore

    they realize that the war on terror is a much bigger hammer to use on the public. they are losing their grip on the war on drugs, and can no longer use it as efficiently to trample the constitution, so they are now using a much more powerful tool to trample the constitution…the war on terror.

    • binaryloop


      Well, lucky for them, if you’re in possession of drugs, you’re probably a terrorist. So, they can take you down — not for the drugs — but, because you’re thinking terrorist thoughts.

    • texaschris

      Terrorism requires terror. Who is really afraid any more? What the government calls “terrorism” is really just nut-jobs trying to commit mass violent crimes. What the government does, committing violent acts and threatening to do so in order to effect desired political outcomes, is actual terrorism.

      “Pay your taxes or go to jail.” “Give up WMD or we bomb you.” “Don’t do drugs our we will SWAT raid your house and kill your doggie.”

      Irony, thou are a bitch.

  • Gama Xul

    I have dissolved the federal government years ago. I don’t recognize them as anything more than a collectivist group. And if/when I’m approached by anyone claiming they represent that entity. I ignore their claims and treat them as simply another person. It’s amusing to watch them start huffing and puffing because their dark side tricks don’t work on me.

    And I don’t pay their federal claims to taxation either; certainly not when the money is being funneled into buying assault rifles for Zetas, meanwhile legislation is being mandated to remove the right from our own citizenry.

    Oh, I sorry massa! I supposed to cower in fear of your approach and lick boot?

    Nah, I’d rather shoot them in the groin with rock-salt though a sawed-off shotgun.

    /Gama Xul

    • Blank Reg

      Enjoy your orange jumpsuit (or your coffin), because they still outnumber and out gun you, and will not recognize your claims to individual sovereignty. The only reason you are still walking around is because you haven’t really caught their attention yet. The only safety in this regard is in numbers, and we simply don’t have them as of now.

      • texaschris

  • Rich Grise

    They don’t want you or ME to know it. It’s the objective case. (you wouldn’t say, “He doesn’t want I to know it”) I think that the “he and I” fetish happened because of the “put the other person first” lesson, where they were trying to teach that “You and I” is politer than “I and you.” So the kids promptly forgot about objective case and use “you and I” every time, even when it’s wrong.

  • Victor

    The REAL Reason Obama is doing an About Face is because he is hoping that he has made a New Friend in all the Pot Heads by attempting to make Pot more available. And Obama may not be that smart, but he is Not Stupid. The Government could make a Mountain of Revenue off the sale of Pot. Look at the sales of Tobacco and Alcohol. Taxes on those two alone are close to a Billion a year.
    As they say in Washington, NOTHING Happens by Accident.

    • TrevorLyman

      So somehow the Federal government planned for the voters of Washington and Colorado to fully legalize marijuana? This is a plan of the Feds and not the result of over a decade of hard work of marijuana legalization activists? I can’t believe that.

      I think nothing used to happen by accident but today this is no longer the case because today we have the internet.

      • Victor

        No, not at all. Read what I said VERY CAREFULLY. I said OBAMA, not the states.
        Obama is loosing what little support he has, and to let the states and the other users not have to worry so much, and even have some Hope of their chosen substance of choice to be Less Criminalized, would for the most part tell the Pot Users that Obama may not be such a Bad Guy after all. This is Obama’s reasoning. He is hoping to collect a few more supporters by his efforts. As for the States, I wish pot was Legal Everywhere.

        • TrevorLyman

          I’m talking about how the Feds have reacted after they have already lost the battle over marijuana. Maybe Obama has all kinds of reasons for doing an about face now but they are all in light of the fact that they already lost the battle. Until the states voted the way they did Obama didn’t do anything to back off from his position to prosecute the drug war. Anyway we can disagree, no big deal, I’m just not seeing this.

          • Victor

            It’s a big shell game, a Political ploy. He has something far worse then the bad things that have already happened to this country and world via the US, and this might just be one way to throw the dogs off the scent of the next Big Event, like a war with Syria. Remember, if the US Bombs Syria, Russia has Promised to Retaliate and go to War with the US

          • Blank Reg

            100% agreed. Back in the day, we’d define a politician as someone who saw which way the crowd was going, jumped in front of it, and said, “Follow me!”. Nothing exemplifies this more than guys like Obama or McCain. I never attribute to “conspiracy” something that can be explained by idiocy or happenstance.

          • texaschris

            I agree. It’s irrational to believe the government is as incompetent as it clearly is, while at the same time believing the myriad of government conspiracies out there.

            This is DC attempting, as you said, to get in front of an issue and appear to be leading.

      • Victor

        As for the internet, there is far more Disinformation then Truth on the Net, and not all people on the Net scrutinize everything they read. some even take anything as truth till told otherwise, and not all the articles you and I may have access to, get to Everyone’s computers.

        • TrevorLyman

          That’s kind of a vague statement and un-provable. I think there is a lot more truth on the net than there is disinformation and that lots of people have gotten much better at scrutinizing what they read. I guess it’s a glass half full or half empty kind of thing here.

          • Victor

            Well Trevor, it’s like this, Less then 40% of the people using the net do so to read current events, and most likely less the 50% of those are educated enough to even care about Political events. So the majority of people could care less about Politics, unless it effects them Directly, so until that happens, they will just continue to be part of the reason this country is in the crapper.

          • TrevorLyman

            That’s just one way of looking at it. Like I said, it’s a glass half empty or half full kind of thing.

          • Victor

            You may be right. However, whatever they are doing you can be sure they are not done. I predict a Global Takeover by the Bankers, and a One world Currency, and even a Nuke war very soon. But that is just me I guess. I guess the 30 odd years I have been watching World Events has tainted my view point somewhat.

    • Dan Welchhance

      This has been going on for ages. Why do you have to shit on our president? Don’t like it here? Go somewhere else! We won’t miss you. I am a Stoner and make 6 figures a year. I have never had a problem w/Obama running this Country. Bush on the other hand was a joke and because of his silly ass we lost too many Americans.

      • Jeff Mueller

        And that’s why you’re part of the problem. Personally I think both Presidents mentioned above did nothing for us, but to think that they do what they do for us is ridiculous! Since you make ‘6 figures’, you choose not to see what the government is doing to the middle and lower classes. It will be too late when you realize that everything the government does hurts you as well!

        • Victor

          Your Right Jeff. Both Political Parties have been over taken by the Thieving Bankers who are devouring the wealth of everyone for their own gain, and the end game is for one of them to be the King of the World. and sorry to say, as long as Dan has his head in the sand, he is helping them get away with it. Obama and ALL the Bush’s have always been Puppets of the Bankers. The Bankers already OWN the US Government and nearly Every Corporation in the world, but that is not enough for them, They want it ALL, and the more of us that are killed, the better they like it. They want Everyone including YOU Dan, DEAD, unless you provide the bankers with a Service they can duplicate for them selves. We are living in They’re world, and they want us Useless Eaters GONE.

      • Ed

        Dan Welchhance, also known as the house negro, has spoken.

      • Blank Reg

        Dan, if things keep going the way they are, I already have plans to get-outta-Dodge. Lovely place called Chile. And I won’t miss guys like you either, who are letting the country be destroyed by a mixed-race flim-flam man. Thanks to the 1st amendment, I can shit on your president all day long. Oh, and I also make a 6-figure income. How? In the medical marijuana business in one of the legal states. Quite ironic, I think. I’m not even a stoner, just an honest entrepreneur seeking opportunity.

        The last decent president was JFK. But he wanted to dismantle the CIA, roll back the military-industrial complex, make peace with the Soviets, and reissue Honest Money. He was a threat to way too many special power-interests, so he had to be taken out. Everyone who succeeded him was a war-mongering power-hungry pretender.

      • texaschris

        Meanwhile, in the real world, 70% of all casualties in Afghanistan happened under Obama.

    • Sean Randall

      He’s actually doing an about-face of an earlier about-face. About-face #1) Obama wins presidency in 2008 after publicly stating multiple times that he supports medical marijuana and that medical marijuana patients should not be prosecuted. He wins the presidency and shuts down more medical marijuana dispensaries that good ol’ George W. Bush. About-face #2) Laughs at legitimate marijuana question during town hall meeting. Continues prosecuting (medical) marijuana users. All of the sudden, “we have bigger fish to fry” and Coloradans and Washingtonians can smoke all the marijuana they want without having to fear arrest. Wow, it would’ve been a lot easier if he/him/they would have got their sh*t right the first time through!

  • Dan Welchhance

    The House or the FEDS can kiss my A$$. Regulate what I can grow myself? LOL Your idea from the beginning? Even funnier. It took a movie to make Marijuana illegal. You do not represent the people of America. You sit back and put our money in your pocket. Infact I may just seek legal counsel. Your Thieves and have stolen from us. I AM AN AMERICAN AND WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS. YOU WILL PAY ME BACK.

  • SamFox

    Looks like because of the net a lot of truth about cannabis is getting out.

    As in the deception, lies & fear based propaganda of WR Hurst, the dark father of the MJ prohib movement. That Rx drugs are far more deadly than prohibited substances. How badly LOST & expensive in terms of lives & $$, the war on some drugs is.

    How the drug wart [on the back side of the USA] has given us militarized cops who don’t seem to know what the document they are sworn to uphold SAYS. Do they even know what document it is?? We have learned cops are killing more innocents all the time because of “OOPS!! We got the wrong address again!” drug busts. If only your dog is shot you’re family is one of the blessed ones.

    People are finding out that MJ & hemp were part of the US’ founding. Our founders used & wrote about Indian Hemp. Hemp was critical in the 1700’s for rope, sails, paper, an income, taxes…do a search on hemp.

    Medical users are telling the truth after all, many discover after they searched the net.

    The prohibition of cannabis is one of the great travesties of the USA. Time to RE-legalize it.

    And that’s just the beginning on all I have to say about that. :-)


    • texaschris

      I did a mission trip to Russia a few years ago. I learned a valuable lesson. See, the Russians don’t have windows on their front doors. The doors are about 3″ thick, and weigh about 100lb. They have multiple vertical and horizontal locking bars. They’re like safe doors, almost.

      Why, I wondered?

      So I asked one of the single moms, and she explained to me that everything used to be illegal. Everything. So people started installing these doors to prevent inspectors kicking them down.

      We’re there, now. Welcome to the USSA…

    • thetruthmaster1

      Right On. This country is messed up from the Top down. When our government glady gives weapons to the Al-kaeda faction in Seria, the same enemy we are at war with in Afghanistan, But then denys American citizen gun ownership, and requires a background check, plus a 3 day waiting period just to get a shotgun. How does the FDA approve the sales of cigatettes which contain over 104 chemicals including arsnic for human consumption but disallow a proven pot plant chemical that can cure the problems like cancer that the cigarettes gave you. The Drug companies are frightened as their liver destroying pill popping scam is about over if Pot is legalized. Oh lets talk about the Cigarettes as a gateway drug to alcohol and vice versa. Drinking and smoking. You see the Feds and government needs a boogieman like pot to keep steady tax payer funding rolling in for army gear and heavy weapons, to take down a guy with a bag of pot. And they throw flashbangs andshoot his dog too upon entry, and hope it is the right address. And lets not keep out the Corporate Prison system, that occupancy is the name of the game Con-Hotel. All the Gubberment Piggys and contractors need to keep their welfare feedbags on and bellied up to the trough. If this government could appreciate common sense government and cut ot all the fraud and spending that would make my day as a tax payer. Cut the Dept of Defense budget in half too. No more alphabet soup government. As a Tax Payer I want a big fat Tax Refund.

  • medcannabis1

    Anyone running for public office at any level must come out firmly on ending cannabis prohibition or they are not worthy of being on the public pay roll. This is the new litmus test for any elected official!

  • BenDoubleCrossed

    “The truth is the states created the Federal government and not the other way around. The Federal government is nothing more than a co-op put in place by the states to make certain functions easier and more efficient. Co-ops aren’t supposed to call the shots, they are supposed to provide service to their members.”

    In the spirit of the above here is an


    The Affordable Care Act, as written, did not include an employer mandate or accompanying government subsidies in the States that did not set up their own health care exchanges. 33 States decided not to set up exchanges.

    The very first sentence of the First Article of the Constitution states, “All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States.”

    Neither the president nor the Supreme Court justices, nor government agencies, like the IRS, can make laws — except by usurpations tolerated by Congress.

    Call your Congressman and Senators and demand they assert and defend the separation of powers! We the People do not elect the officers of the IRS and allowing this agency to rewrite law is taxation without representation.

    When 33 States do not participate Obamacare will be defunded!

    There is a lawsuit concerning the IRS usurpation but Congress can act faster than the Supreme Court.

    New Lawsuit Against Obamacare
    By Carrie Severino
    May 20, 2013 12:48 PM
    Sam Kazman and Michael Carvin have a great Forbes op-ed about their new Obamacare lawsuit, which could invalidate key portions of the law in the 33 states that did not set-up state-based health-insurance exchanges.

    • worker72a

      Are you aware of this little nugget in the ACA?


      ‘‘(2) SPECIAL RULES.—Notwithstanding any other provision of law—

      ‘‘(A) WAIVER OF CRIMINAL PENALTIES.—In the case of any failure by a taxpayer to timely pay any penalty imposed by this section, such taxpayer shall not be subject to any criminal prosecution or penalty with respect to such failure.

      ‘‘(B) LIMITATIONS ON LIENS AND LEVIES.—The Secretary shall not—

      ‘‘(i) file notice of lien with respect to any property of a taxpayer by reason of any failure to pay the penalty imposed by this section, or

      ‘‘(ii) levy on any such property with respect to such failure.’’.

      You are required to purchase an approved “healthcare” plan, but the law itself expressly forbids enforcement of any criminal penalty or property liens for failure to comply.
      All you need to do to nullify the law as an individual is to say no thanks. It has no teeth.

      • Liberty

        The federal government has no legitimate authority to force health care programs on the states. Tenth Amendment: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”
        By playing by the Feds unconstitutional rules – Chapter 48 or whatever – ACA is legitimized.see more
        0 0

      • BenDoubleCrossed

        No I was unaware of the above. Have you run it by Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Marco Rubio or any of the leaders of the defund Obamacare revolt? I sure hope you are correct!

        • worker72a

          Read it and weep (or chuckle or scratch your head in bewilderment):

          Search for “WAIVER OF CRIMINAL PENALTIES” to find it.

          I’m not a lawyer, but it does seem to clearly state that if a person does not purchase “Minimum Essential Coverage” there are no legal means for enforcing compliance.

          I would hope that the politicians you mention would be aware of this, but I suppose no one has read all 389,635 words.

    • Liberty

      The linked lawsuit is ridiculous and shows a lack of understanding of states’ rights. They should read this post by Trevor. The federal government has no legitimate authority to force health care programs on the states. Read the 10th Amendment: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”
      By playing by the Feds unconstitutional rules, ObamaCare is legitimized.

      • BenDoubleCrossed

        I agree with you that the Federal Government lacks legitimate authority over health care. But I am trying to stop the train wreck immediately in terms the Congress is currently being forced to discuss. Republican leadership is not willing to risk a government shut down and I am providing an alternative that only requires Congress to state the IRS was not granted authority to rewrite the ACA. If the 33 States that did not set up exchanges cannot require employers in those States to provide healthcare and citizens of those States cannot receive subsidies it will fiscally destroy Obamacare.

        I am for returning America to its Constitutional foundation. But if we can’t get Congress to stop Obamacare why would you believe we could get them to recognize States rights? Have you called your Congressman and Senators and expressed your opposition to Obamacare? Do you have a better alternative?

        I have contacted many Congressman and Senators offices, including Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Marco Rubio, several non-profits involved in the fight and so far have not heard a word back about my suggestion. But I am not discouraged.

        I challenge the Republican leaders who are spear heading the movement to defund Obamacare to deny the IRS authority to legislate. The Affordable Care Act may permit the IRS to write regulations to implement the law but it does not grant the IRS authority to rewrite major portions of the law to cover over major flaws in this hastily and poorly crafted legislation. And Congress should require the President to follow the timeline embedded in the law; no years grace on the large employer mandate and caps on expenditures should not be put off either.

        If Congress will not insist on the separation of powers and defend their sole authority to legislate then it becomes obvious the effort to defund Obamacare is just theater to delude the American public that we and they put up a good fight.

        • Liberty

          My point being is that there are so many unconstitutional acts by the unconstitutional 426 executive branch agencies that trying to stop them individually is impossible.

          There currently are two political philosophies: Republican and Democrat are the same – Authoritarian. The other philosophy/party – Libertarian

          ACA is perhaps the worst – matter of life and death – but is only one of many attacks on liberty. Playing by all those agencies’ rules, just legitimizes them.

          There are actions to be taken – I’ll mention one:

          “I consider trial by jury as the only anchor yet devised by man, by which a government can be held to the principles of its constitution.” – Thomas Jefferson
          See: Fully Informed Jury Association –

  • texaschris

    It is as if Eric Holder opened the window of his home one morning, saw the sun rising, and said, “Very well, the sun may rise, but it must only do so in the East, and it must always set in the West, and the federal government shall establish an administration to regulate its path through the sky. And all who look upon it shall pay a tax.”

  • Houston Retrievers

    Oh please this is par for the course. They create a boogie man, make it illegal to see him, so everyone searches for him, they play along and arrest folks and build a police state to support it, and when it reaches critical mass where everyone is demanding to see the boogie man, they then sell you the tickets directly.

  • whatsups

    This is true, the feds may have surrendered but if you legalize it in your state and continue the growth of the state(which ever one you live in) you have been tricked. We are all viewed as tax livestock, don’t give them a cent if you can stop it. The only way I will be for legalizing it in Oklahoma if it only has a sales tax, not any other special tax or application fees etc.. If you feed the state, you are part of the problem.

  • MashPotato

    The REAL reason? It’s a recruitment effort for Obamacare.

  • 1Finngal

    Government Has Had Patent For Cannabinoids Since 2003

  • 1Finngal

    The US goverment has been getting all their ducks in a row to make money on legalized marijuana as opposed to being the biggest illegal marijuana dealer.

  • Big M

    This kind of reminds me of some years back, when a number of states told the feds to take their Real ID and shove it up their asses. So then the feds turned around and publicly stated that they would grant those states more time to comply. HAHAHAHAHAHA

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  • WI Native

    I’m just happy there are people talking about “the Ganja” other than the 420 fools. Those 420 idiots make everyone who smokes look like an a$$hole. I’m going to go out of my mind if I have to listen to another “pot-head” talk about all the benefits of it. Seriously 420 guys no one cares but you.