Rep. Jeff Duncan Looking Into IRS Agents Training with AR-15s at DHS Facility

It’s bad enough that IRS agents have been targeting conservatives. It’s even worse that they plan on hiring 16,500 new agents over the next few years to enforce ObamaCARE. Now, it seems the Obama Administration is turning IRS agents into soldiers for some reason. According to South Carolina Congressman Jeff Duncan’s Twitter page they are now training with DHS:

Jeff Duncan's Tweet - Click to View

Perhaps there’s a perfectly good explanation for IRS agents being trained in the use of AR-15 rifles, but with so much talk recently about the agency targeting conservatives for their beliefs, this report is more than a little disconcerting.  Whether it’s unmanned drones or AR-15s, the growing unease among the public has less to do with the technology at work than a distrust in the people calling the shots (not to mention Vice President Biden’s belief that no citizen needs more than a shotgun).

Rep. Jeff Duncan followed up a few hours later with two additional tweets:

Jeff Duncan's Tweet - Click to View

Jeff Duncan's Tweet - Click to View

We’re hoping the answers come sooner than later, but the most transparent administration ever has quite a backlog of questions in the queue.


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