Ron Paul Network Was Lucrative for Jesse Benton


…We can’t settle most of those questions. But we can make an accounting of how much Benton has earned from all the Paul organizations, now that year-end and other campaign finance and tax reports have been filed. We found that over the last three election cycles, Benton has been paid about $1.1 million by the various Paul entities — although more than $450,000 of it was described as reimbursement for expenses he incurred, most of them unidentified.

Here’s how it breaks out: In the 2008 cycle, he received more than $78,000 in salary and expense reimbursement working for Ron Paul’s presidential and congressional campaign committees. Toward the end of that year his wife came on the payroll, too, bringing the total for the pair to more than $86,000.

Benton’s compensation increased in 2010. Rand Paul’s campaign gave him north of $142,000 for political consulting and salary. He also brought in nearly $22,000 in consulting fees and salary from Liberty PAC, and received nearly $28,000 from Ron Paul’s congressional campaign, along with close to $22,000 in reimbursement for mileage and other unidentified expenses. Benton’s wife made more than $30,000 working for her dad’s campaign, along with another $1,500 in reimbursements.

But Benton’s most lucrative cycle was the one that just ended. From January 2011 through the end of 2012 he received more than $682,000 from Ron Paul’s presidential and congressional campaign committees and Liberty PAC. In fairness, just $226,000 was described as “salary” or “consulting.” Close to $456,000 of it was described as reimbursement.

What accounts for the huge reimbursement figure? “Charter airlines was the big bulk of it,” Benton told “I put charter airlines for the campaign onto my personal AmEx and got reimbursed for it. That practice stopped as soon as we got a proper line of credit.” …

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And after receiving all of that money from Ron Paul’s donors the well paid Jesse Benton announced that Ron Paul would not seek the nomination from the floor of the GOP convention.   Meanwhile Ron Paul was giving speeches to packed colleges across the nation and was truly at the height his Presidential campaign.  Jesse Benton made sure to squash that momentum to prove to the GOP that he was willing to sell out to them and effectively transfer his personal legacy to the neo-con sector of the GOP.

If you don’t believe or don’t remember the tremendous momentum Ron Paul had just before Jesse Benton squashed it, see for yourself:

May Mitch McConnel be the first to know that hiring Jesse Benton is the kiss of death for any political campaign.


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