March 4, 2015

Ron Paul: ‘Obama Seems To By Lying’

August 11, 2013

Ron Paul speaks with conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham about the U.S. NSA spy program and more. Ron Paul states while he doesn’t like to get personal and prefers to stick to the issues he believes Obama is mostly lying to the American people about the nations national (and international) domestic spying program.


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  • Frank_O

    Ms. Ingraham you must know by now that you can’t trust either the Ds or the Rs to do the right thing any more… they are just 2 sides of the same big government, Constitution-trashing coin. It’s best the Rs go away & be replaced with a real small government, Constitution-loving 3rd Party. Even if the Ds win all the elections (like they did in Detroit), I’d prefer that to voting for Rs who occasionally win only to then stab me in the back. Let the Ds get blamed when the nation collapses financially, like what happened in Detroit.

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