Ron Paul On Foreign Aid: We Should Stop Funding Nations, You Can’t Buy Friendship

Former Rep. Ron Paul, (R-Texas), on why the U.S. should end foreign aid.


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  • Frank_O

    Occasionally Ron Paul gets a decent interview to express his opinions without interruptions & with respect, and this was one such interview (by someone who admitted publicly he voted for Obama in 2008). Sad that Ron Paul didn’t get the GOP nomination in 2012, but at least some are taking him much more seriously than he’s ever been taken in the past. His warnings in the past are “hitting home” today. Hard to ignore/dismiss/ridicule him nowadays as the USA goes bust & our freedoms are taken away by an out-of-control big government.

  • Robert Zraick

    Just keep telling the truth. It will be the truth which will finally set us free. Support the whistle blowers. The only “crimes” they commit is in telling the truth. The truth is that the criminals and traitors are in power. They cannot stand the truth. Watch what they do when they must deal with the truth. They will expose themselves in the long run.

  • Chad3434

    Everything that Ron Paul has told people has come to pass or will come to pass. The man is simply brilliant. Why this country can not see that is absolutely beyond me. The Republican Party best give me some one to vote for this time around or I will sit Hillary right into their laps. They were told that they would get Obama if they hammered Ron Paul in the last election. They hammered and they got and they will get again if they do not wake up.