Ron Paul on Fox Business: How He and His Supporters will Vote in the Presidential Election

Former presidential candidate and Texas congressman, Ron Paul (R) has a message for Mitt Romney ahead of tonight’s presidential debate. Paul said on Fox Business Network that the Republican nominee needs to, “make sure he sounds a little bit different than [Obama] and be convincing that his policies are a lot different.”

Paul said there’s a frustration among supporters who don’t see a difference between the president and Romney. He criticized Romney for being similar to Obama when it comes to foreign policy and the Federal Reserve, but also philosophically.

How will Ron Paul supporters vote in this election? Paul said, “Some will be angry at the Republicans for the way they retreated at the convention and they might not show up. Some may vote libertarian, some may go with Romney, and actually, some of the young people because of foreign policy, may even go with Obama. […]

How Will Ron Paul and His Supporters Vote in the Presidential Election? [continued]


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