Ron Paul On Fox News With Neil Cavuto – 7/30/13

Ron Paul joins Fox News’ Neil Cavuto to discuss foreign aid sent to Egypt.


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  • Frank_O

    Once again, Ron Paul’s advice is now being accepted & sounding wiser than it has in the past by the MSM (although Cavuto has, in general, treated Ron Paul better than most). I still think given fair, unbiased coverage & a big enough campaign budget to compete evenly with Romney & then Obama, Ron Paul would have beaten Obama & the Republican Party would today be standing tall morally in favor of small, Constitutional government, ObamaCare would be on the path of total repeal, the NSA would have been put back into proper Constitutional bounds, dumb foreign aid would have been drastically cut back or eliminated, Benghazi would be fully investigated (as would all the other Obama scandals) & our budget would be on the way to being quickly balanced (which might avoid an impending financial collapse). But all that never happened & we now have to deal the best we can with what we have left. America needs to decide soon how best to regain control of the Federal Government. So far, I’ve been unimpressed.