16 Ron Paul Quotes That Changed Everything

Ron Paul Quotes

Here is a collection of the best and most thought provoking quotes from Ron Paul, the Libertarian/Republican who held Congressional office for over two decades and ran for President three times (Ron Paul 1988, Ron Paul 2008 and Ron Paul 2012).

These quotes changed everything because they were powerful enough to start a revolution that continues today…


Ron Paul Quotes

It’s this kind of honesty that catapulted Ron Paul to the top of Libertarian political circles.


who owns our bodies

Property rights are a huge issue in any free society.  The most fundamental question is “Who owns you?”

Do you own your own body and do you have the right to make your own decisions with it, even if it means your own death?  Or does the government know what is best and does it have the right to control your body?

Ron Paul says NO, the government has no right to your property, which includes your body, and thank God for that!


no national ID card

A government database of citizens may sound innocuous, but when governments turn bad (as they often do) what they can do with the information is truly terrifying.

All governments will argue how much more effective they can be with the data they want to collect, for whatever intended purpose, but the risks and consequences are too great to allow a government to do so.  Over 200 million killed by their own governments in the last century alone is a testament to that fact.


Ideas are most powerful

The establishment media never understood that the revolution Ron Paul started would go on long after he retired from the political arena.



no more income tax

The United States existed for over 100 years without an income tax, and it flourished.  We must repeal the 16th amendment, restore property rights, so we can flourish once again.


liberty built that

Statism is the disease and liberty is the cure.  All we have to do to solve our nation’s problems is to look for and implement the ideas of liberty.


real patriotism

Thomas Jefferson said that dissent is the highest form of patriotism.  Without criticism, after all, mistakes cannot be corrected.

This is why patriotism is so dangerous.  Those that have been infected with a love for the state are less likely to criticize it even when it is clearly in the wrong and acting immorally.


we haven't had capitalism

It’s true that we do not have capitalism in the United States.  At the very root of our economy, which is our monetary policy, we’re driven and “planned” by the Federal Reserve banking cartel.  A real free market would have competitive currencies (let the people use whatever money they want) and interest rates, which would naturally protect us from the highly destructive inflationary monetary systems in use today.


foreign policy experts

If you listen to politicians speak long enough, you’ll notice a pattern in their thinking.  They never take the blame, they are never at fault, it’s never that they didn’t do a good job.  It’s always that we didn’t give them enough money for their goals, even when the evidence shows how wasteful they were with the money they were given.


watching the watchers

The government spies on us while reducing their own transparency.  History proves that this is a recipe for disaster.  The power to spy is the power to learn secrets that you can blackmail people with, bending them to our political will and corruption.  Every tyrannical government in history had a spy program and little to no transparency.  We’re almost there.


century of central banking



founding fathers intentions


no racism in liberty


truth is treason in the empire of lies


diseases of government


Ron Paul Quotes

Thank you Ron Paul, for all you have done for liberty.

What we do in life echoes in eternity.

We hope you have enjoyed these Ron Paul Quotes

16 Ron Paul Quotes That Changed Everything

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