Ron Paul: Retired But Not Relenting

Ron Paul doesn’t miss much about being in Congress.

The retired Texas Republican congressman and presidential candidate tells “Power Players” he’s relieved to no longer have to book his flights based on House Speaker John Boehner’s schedule and has left the “political shenanigans” of Washington behind.

Paul, who serves as the chairman of the libertarian advocacy group Campaign for Liberty, which was born out of his presidential campaign, says he now gets to focus on the issues of “economics, noninterventionist foreign policy, and personal civil liberties” that he’s “been trying to talk about for 30 years.”

“We have a revolution going on now,” Paul says. “It’s an intellectual revolution. It isn’t this political shenanigans that everyone wants to talk about.”

Asked what the chances are that there will be another Paul presidential campaign in 2016, with his son Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., as the candidate, Paul says he hasn’t talked to his son about the possibility of a presidential campaign.

“Well, you’ll have to ask him,” Paul says. And he jokingly adds, “It just doesn’t look like I would be the likely candidate in 2016.”

Ron Paul: Retired But Not Relenting [continued]


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  • jenniewalsh

    Ron Paul is a modern day HERO who has done SO MUCH to educate the people of America and the world about FREEDOM!

  • jenniewalsh

    Many world political leaders are secret members of the Satanic Illuminati globalist organized crime syndicate that secretly call themselves “Us” and “Satan worshippers”. Their goal is to own and control everyone and everything on planet earth in a one world New World Order totalitarian military, police-state dictatorship. Their globalist Satanic organization known as the United Nations has put forth Agenda 21, which calls for the annihilation of 80-90% of the world’s population so that the remaining 10-20% will be easier to control and enslave. Check out FEMA concentration camps within the USA to see what they plan to do with USA citizens who oppose enslavement. The globalist Satanic Illuminati (with all their representatives in congress and in Obama’s presidential administration) is using the USA as their war machine and cash cow against the middle east in order to take over the middle east and all the resources there.

    Agenda 21, from the Satanic organization known as the United Nations, plans to reduce world population by 80-90% so that the 10-20% remaining will be easier to enslave and control by the Satanic Illuminati under their New World Order world-wide totalitarian military police-state dictatorship.

    I have heard that between the years of 1968 and 1974, the US “government” (Satanists within the USA government) had a top trade treaty agreement with the Chinese government: US would give China nearly NO TARIFFS, few restrictions, and the globalist US cartel companies would build China’s production plants, IN EXCHANGE FOR: a Chinese ONE CHILD POLICY (involving sterilization, abortion, birth control).

    Also, the Satanic US globalist cartel companies, using the United Nations, wanted to do the same with a number of other nations. Pope Benedict (who had observer status at the U.N.) along with many Muslim nations opposed this one child policy treaty. These are the nations that are now experiencing victimization by all sorts of propaganda and lies, uprisings, civil unrest, lies about weapons of mass destruction, undermining and demonizing of political and religious leaders, assassinations of leaders, sanctions, false flag accusations, general disruption and turmoil. The globalist Kingdom of Satan has TREMENDOUS wealth, power, influence, connections and members throughout the world.

    The Satanists (through their representatives in congress and the presidency) set up, own, control and collect ALL the money from the IRS, the Federal Reserve and soon to be Obamacare. These 3 institutions are nothing more than Satanic organized crime, RACKETEERING, RIP-OFF SCAMS that finance the Kingdom of Satan and all their evils around the world (genocides, abortions, assassinations, sanctions, government overthrows, civil wars [to divide and conquer]rebellions against and demonizing propaganda against GOOD national leaders).

    Do you have any further information about this subject or any links where I could obtain further information about this subject?

    Ron Paul, God Bless You Forever for all that you are doing to expose the truth to the world.

    • Marten

      Wow, what a post…Looks to me like Amerikans have placed themselves firmly in the GRIP of tyranny…..Shame on us