Ron Paul Revolution Continues In Congress

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) will only serve the US Congress for a few more weeks, but victories for the congressman’s allies this Election Day suggest the libertarian lawmaker’s revolution might not end just yet.

A White House victory for the former Republican Party candidate was never considered likely by the mainstream media, but Rep. Paul focused his efforts throughout the election season on a bid for the Oval Office that inevitably came to an end this week.

Earlier in the year, Rep. Paul said he wouldn’t be pursuing another term on the Hill, essentially meaning the long-time congressman would put his career in Washington behind him once his current role expires. Even with Capitol Hill soon to be in his past, though, the ideals Rep. Paul touted will likely be heard in the House of Representatives next session nonetheless thanks to a slew of wins this week for like-minded politicians.

President Barack Obama wasn’t the only incumbent who lucked out this week: 32-year-old Rep. Justin Amash, a freshman lawmaker from Michigan, was re-elected to Congress for a second term following a well-received stint that drew several comparisons to Rep. Paul during the last two years. Rep. Amash was among Paul’s biggest backers on the campaign trail during his ill-fated bid for the White House, and regularly went public with ideas that were voiced by few others in Washington, including opposition to both the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and the Federal Reserve. According to the District of Columbia Republican Committee, Rep. Amash is among the top 35 most influential members of the GOP under the age of 35.

“We are going back to D.C. and it looks like we are going to have a very similar makeup to what we have now,”Amash told the Detroit Free Press early Wednesday. “We’ve got to work together to deal with our most pressing issue: the debt.”

Speaking earlier this year to a crowd at the University of Florida, Rep. Amash said that his colleague’s actions in Congress were instrumental for the future of advancing personal liberty. “This movement is Ron Paul’s legacy,” he said, adding, “Now it is our duty to grow it into the majority it can be.”

Ron Paul Revolution Continues In Congress [continued]


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