Ron Paul Supporter And Maine Committeeman Mark Willis Challenges Reince Priebus For RNC Chair

Priebus Challenger: Purge Party of Pricey Consultants

Washington, DC –Mark Willis, Republican National Committeeman from Maine, who is challenging Reince Priebus for the Chairmanship of the Republican National Committee, has announced he will fire all RNC consultants and return the money to Republican State Committees where it is needed most to support candidates at the local level.

“It is the least I can do to start the restoration of faith in the Republican Party. This will begin the process of earning back the trust from GOP members and donors which is currently so sorely needed; especially after the massive losses in November,” said Willis.

Willis explains the RNC needs to be transparent and utilize a competitive bidding process. He suggests adherence to the 2009 Resolution in Support of Good Governance.

“Compliance with the Resolution is crucial at this time. Consultants make millions off GOP donors even when delivering substandard services. The “Get Out the Vote” campaign is a primary example of consultants making millions despite failure,” said Willis.

Willis’ plan is to conduct competitive bidding for all agreements and put out RFPs (Requests for Proposals) for all contracts over $100,000 in value. “I will exercise oversight on contracts granted and will thoroughly review them to ensure the RNC receives services and results of the highest quality from its contracts,” said Willis.

Willis explains Priebus should have gone outside the RNC for fresh views and objective judgments rather than looking to those responsible for the vast losses in November to track down the causes of the losses.

“It is clear that under Reince Priebus, the RNC has overseen the abysmal stewardship of donor contributions. Balancing checkbooks and fundraisers mean nothing when money goes to undeserving consultants. The RNC needs leadership understanding of the importance of individual states and donors. GOP members are more likely to donate their hard-earned money when they have trusted leadership,” said Willis.

The election for RNC Chair will be Friday, January 25 at the Winter Meeting.



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