Ron Paul Supporters Essential To Mitt Romney Candidacy, Fox News Guest Says [Video]

Mitt Romney’s campaign needs the backing of Ron Paul‘s fervent supporters if he wants to have a chance of beating President Barack Obama, prominent conservative thinker Max Pappas told Sean Hannity on his Fox News show.

Max Pappas, vice president of Public Policy and Government Affairs at the conservative group FreedomWorks, made the point during a panel discussion about who former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney should choose as his running mate.

A number of names have been touted for Mitt Romney’s vice presidential pick, for a wide number of reasons.

But Pappas made a point that hasn’t been voiced very often in mainstream media discussions of the Mitt Romney veepstakes: and that is that the backing of Ron Paul’s supporters will be critical to Romney’s re-election campaign.

In fact, Pappas ventures during the conversation to say that Romney needs to pick someone that will make Ron Paul supporters happy if he wants to have any chance of beating President Barack Obama when voters head to the polls in Novemeber.

Here’s what Max Pappas told Sean Hannity on Fox News:

Ron Paul Supporters Essential To Mitt Romney Candidacy, Fox News Guest Says [Video] [continued]


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  • Bernardh H Conway

    good luck with that !!

  • Jan Paulson

    Could it possibly be that the elite 1% WANT Ronmney as the GOP candidate precisely BECAUSE they know he can't beat Obama? 'Cause Obama is workin' just great for 'em, why switch horses when they've got a man already that will do their bidding? And then… they can blame Ron Paul supporters for the loss and do damage to the Liberty Movement.

  • W Frank Sieg

    Well, I guess it's too bad the Romney campaign failed to produce a candidate who was not a lying two faced sack of shit, however, as it stands this Paul supporter would sooner invite the ancestors of king George to Washington than to install Obama's right wing, big government twin, Romney.

  • Scott W. Trent Jr.

    I say KUDO's to both Jan & W. Frank, you have hit the NAIL on the head, cause THAT is or was the WAY IT was PLANNED to be…. One does not get control of a country by putting a "rich" man in office, but putting a "fool" in will do it every time cause HE can be LEAD!!!

  • Jesus Morales

    Sounds like a personal problem :)

  • Paul DaRocha Jr.

    Th Ron Paul campaign is playing a curious game of long term impact on the Republican Party but is perhaps sacraficing a chance to overthrow the status quo if he got behind the delegates and pushed harder!