Ron Paul: Whistleblowers Threaten The Empire’s Tyranny

Ron Paul speaks with Alex Jones about whistleblowers and their effect on government power.


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  • Eric Mcoo

    If Snowden is a whistleblower, I am Emmanuel Goldstein’s invisible friend.

    Leakers should be “shot in the balls”

    Snowden may have leaned libertarian on some issues, but he also exhibited strong support for America’s security state apparatus. He didn’t just work for it as a quiet dissident. Four years before he would leak the country’s secrets, Snowden was cheering its actions and insisting that it needed healthy funding. To anyone who questioned US actions in his favored online hangout, he could be derisive.

    • TrevorLyman

      Well then, I guess you’re Emmanuel Goldstein’s invisible friend.

      • Eric Mcoo

        So, Snowden is like a hero to you, like one of your American baseball players ? Hard to let go of a HERO. Especially if you are a dude.

        • Another Guest

          More like a patriot,he chose the constitution over the covert usurpation of the constitution by those who swore to up hold it.That makes you Emmanuel Goldstein’s invisible friend.

    • Silverado

      That just goes to show anyone can have a change of heart. I mean look at you (oh that’s right….you’re invisible!!) – I’m sure posting here on a Libertarian website gives you the same sort of thrill, huh??

      • Eric Mcoo

        People that dumb don’t change. You have to be able to think to change your opinion.

  • miltfarrow

    The “Unholy Empire” is already starting to unravel pretty good Both Manning and Snowden gave the information to the US People I don’t know where you are getting your paycheck Eric or whose ass you are kissing, but use some mouthwash-The 2010 Manning release of the now infamous Murder a Reuters Crew and their equipment by two chopper pilots ” who had too much ammo on board” Is what has the Government Fuming ( just as Holder’s fast and furious got about a thousand people killed right off bat-
    Like Ben Ghazi and Stevens ( there was a US drone overhead watching the entire murderous scene and our troops were given orders to STAND DOWN JUST LIKE CHENY DID ON 9-11
    We need our people to wake up and stop watching “dancing with the frogs” and do some research before they have no progeny