School Obama’s Daughters Attend Has 11 Armed Guards

Via Breitbart,

Some interesting news has broken in the wake of the latest push for gun control by President Obama and Senate Democrats: Obama sends his kids to a school where armed guards are used as a matter of fact.

The school, Sidwell Friends School in Washington, DC, has 11 security officers and is seeking to hire a new police officer as we speak.

If you dismiss this by saying, “Of course they have armed guards — they get Secret Service protection,” then you’ve missed the larger point.

The larger point is that this is standard operating procedure for the school, period. And this is the reason people…


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  • Capt. Parker

    Of course!
    What is good for the King is not necessarily acceptable for the peons.

    Obama is the greatest threat that this Republic has EVER know.
    Obama MUST be executed for his High Crimes, Treason, and Acts of War against this nation.
    By virtue of his adoption by Lolo Soetoro, Obama is an Indonesian citizen.
    By writing his own “laws” he has committed Acts of War against this nation because any attempt to change the Constitution, UNLAWFULLY, is an attempt to undo the very founding document of this nation, thus, the very authority for this nations existence – an attempt to destroy this nation.