Slay a Dragon for Liberty / Ron Paul Figurine



Sharpen your swords because it is time to Slay a Dragon for Liberty. You can do that by slaying a Red Dragon and donating $8.20 to

The first 200 Dragon Slayers for Liberty will receive this miniature figurine of Ron Paul. (U.S. residents only).

To slay a Red Dragon, you must win 5 games. With each win, you will face a more difficult dragon, until you are up against the dreaded Red Dragon. When you finish a game after having slain a Red Dragon, you will receive an email with instructions on donating the $8.20 and claiming your figurine. (Why $8.20? Because August 20th is Ron Paul’s birthday, of course!)

We chose because their short videos are excellent introductions to the intellectual basis of libertarian thought. Ron Paul’s core message was that we must learn about liberty in order to keep it. is an excellent place to start.


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