Stephen Colbert’s Chilling Comedic Predictions

This Stephen Colbert comedy sketch about the police state was released back in 2008. Today we know it’s predictions are mostly true.


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  • R.Young

    Martial Law the one thing that the Great & Powerful “O” can do to give all Loyal Subjects of the Regime that Warm & Fuzzy feeling of SECURITY they so desperately want!

    • glock 19 fan

      Until the flip side rears its ugly head and they see family, friends and neighbors packed off to FEMA camps in midnight disappearances during curfew hours.

      Life is tough. It’s even tougher if you’re stupid.” — John Wayne

  • Another Guest

    Nope,not funny.

  • trupatriot1971

    Im so ready for the civil war to start to take our beloved USA back and get back to how it was

  • m4bigger

    I would like to see this clown do another show similar to this one now that
    the progressives are in control.

    • John Rodgers

      So true. Colbert and Stewart could never touch this under such a stage of “Hope and Change” progressivism.

  • John Rodgers

    Liberals were making a controlling police state then (2008 from a fear state created in 2001). This can only happen under a BIG GOVERNMENT scenario. Where are the true conservatives only accepting limited government and its liberty providing smaller role?