TED: SeaSteading – Building On The Platform Of The Oceans

Patri Friedman is the founder and chairman of the Board of The Seasteading Institute and the CEO of Future Cities Development Inc. He earned a BS in math from Harvey Mudd College, an MS in computer science from Stanford University, and an MBA from Cardean University. While in school he experimented with technology startups, ran a small consulting business, and co-founded two intentional communities. In 2004 he joined Google to work as a software engineer.

In 2008 he left Google and co-founded The Seasteading Institute with seed funding from entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist Peter Thiel. He is also a prolific writer on political theory and philosophy, and has appeared in hundreds of media stories worldwide, including NPR, BBC, and The Economist. Patri comes from a line of great revolutionary thinkers, his grandfather Milton Friedman was the 1976 Nobel Laureate in economics, and his father David Friedman is a well-known political theorist and festival founder.

Patri lives with his two children Iselle (age 1) and Tovar (age 6) in Berkeley, California, and intends to move with them to an early seastead.


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  • Frank_O

    I disagree with his beginning presentation that we evolved in the sense of some sort of Darwinian evolution… God took His time over billions of years, but without His acting first life & then the origin of the species would not have occurred by simply natural processes, time & chance. But regardless, I think he my be correct in his view of “SeaSteading” to help spur the “evolution” of societies. The USA has turned into an Unconstitutional welfare/warfare/police state with a non-sustainable debt & a collapsing economy ruled by an oligarchy that itself is above the law. Time to expatriate & rather than go to another land based country, maybe we should head towards a new offshore “SeaStead” beyond the reach of a corrupt & collapsing evil nation, which the USA has morphed into.