Tell the Senate to Audit the Fed!

by Peg McIntyre

Alright guys. It’s time to Audit the Fed. Use this easy to fill out web form:

And use this link to get congressional phone numbers and give your representatives a call:

Also, call Harry Reid and Tim Johnson directly. Johnson is the Senate Banking Committee and Chairman which is the committee S.202 is stuck in. Make it very clear to the staff member who answers the phone that you’re concerned about Audit the Fed (S.202) and would like the Senate to have a chance to vote on it. Point out the strong bipartisan support in the House and the wide popular support in polls.

Here is a full list of Audit The Fed talking points.

Call Sen. Tim Johnson (D-SD) at 202-224-5842
Call Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) at 202-224-3542

AND, FAX (every action helps!)

Read the updated details, here:


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