Ten Ways A Libertarian Society Would Be Different

How much would a libertarian society differ from the statist society in which we live? It would be radically different. Here are ten ways a libertarian society would be different:

1. No more welfare-state programs. A libertarian society would be one in which there is a total separation of charity and the state, similar to the separation of church and state. No one would be forced by any law or governmental program to share his money with others or to donate money to anyone. The decision on whether to help out others would be entirely voluntary. So, no more Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, subsidies, foreign aid, SBA loans, food stamps, public housing, education grants, FDIC, or any other program in which government forcibly takes money from people and gives it to others.

2. No more income taxation and Internal Revenue Service. Everyone would be free to keep everything he earns or inherits (and would decide for himself what to do with it).

3. No more drug war. All drugs would be legalized. Everyone would be free to ingest anything he wants, no matter how harmful, dangerous, or destructive. Of course, he would bear the responsibility for the consequences of his decisions.

4. No more Federal Reserve System and government-issued, irredeemable paper money. The free market would decide the monetary unit. The market would probably settle on gold and silver coins but it is entirely possible that even sounder money could arise.

Ten Ways A Libertarian Society Would Be Different [continued]


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