Tennessee To United Nations: Stay Out Of Our Elections

united-nations-350x250By Ed Adamczyk

NASHVILLE, April 11 (UPI) — After the United Nations sent election observers in 2012 to Tennessee, state legislators objected to an alleged violation of sovereignty, as well as joining a category of troubled nations with suspicious elections, including Libya and Cambodia.

A bill barring United Nations observers from monitoring Tennessee elections was approved this week by the state Senate, 23-2, after passing by 75-20 in the state House. It awaits the signature of Republican Gov. Bill Halsam.

The United Nations, accustomed to more chaotic places on the globe, has overseen selected elections since 1991, and 44 observers from Europe’s Organization for Security and Cooperation were sent to the United States in 2012 to determine if photo identification requirements, including those in Tennessee, affected voter turnout.

Tennessee To United Nations: Stay Out Of Our Elections [continued]


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  • jesusknight

    Good for you, Tennessee!! Take the U.N out of the U.S…

  • johngalt80

    Hmm… Why are you afraid of a little transparency, Tennessee? Yeah, the UN doesn’t belong there, but I have a feeling Tennessee still has a bit of the good ‘ol boy network goin on in their election methods and doesn’t want anyone looking over their shoulders. Voter fraud in Tennessee? say it ain’t so, Martha!

    • BR549

      I’ll stick with the fact that the UN has no place in our sovereign states. All the UN is interested in doing is stuffing a big fat shoe in our administrative door; forcing their invasive “processes” onto the people of this country. Examples of this forced administration are the Universal Postal Union, Admiralty Law, the World Bank, etc.

      All these things sound good and logical until people wake up one day and realize that the men behind the curtain have been using these tools as enslavement mechanisms to maintain their parasitic control.

      Just like a gun in the hand of a responsible man, it is merely a tool; in the hands of a self-serving sociopath, like the globalists we see today, it can destroy lives.

      Good for you, Tennessee!

    • Trutherator

      Yeah, like the UN is some kind of representative government? What?!

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