Texas Deputy Dies Performing No-Knock, No-Announce SWAT Raid For Marijuana

SWAT-raid-deputy-deathBURLESON COUNTY, TX — Tragedy struck when police pursued an aggressive no-knock, no-announce SWAT raid on a marijuana user with no history of violence in his record.  One deputy was shot when the homeowner picked up a rifle to protect his family from what he thought were home invaders.  The officer’s life is over and the homeowner will now face trial that could put him in prison for a long time because of a confrontation that never needed to happen.

A Rude Awakening

Henry Goedrich Magee, 28, was awoken from a sound sleep at around 5:50 a.m. to the sound of his front door being broken down, footsteps, and loud explosions.  The intrusion jolted Magee out of bed and he grabbed a rifle that was kept in the bedroom he shared with his pregnant girlfriend for protection.  What transpired on the morning of December 19th, 2013, would be a life-changing event for all involved.

Magee, without a moment’s hesitation, took aim at the shadowy figures that had crashed into his home.  His shots fatally struck one of them.

As the situation settled down it became evident that the people that had broken into the mobile home were police officers.  Magee surrendered without further incident.

The man who had just been mortally wounded was Burleson County Sheriff’s Deputy Adam Sowders, a well-liked cop and firefighter.  He was the only person wounded.  What was he doing breaking into Magee’s house before dawn?

Sgt. Sowders, age 31, had been a part of a SWAT team performing a no-knock raid to enforce prohibition laws. The noises that had startled Magee were the sounds of eight deputies detonating concussion grenades and breaching his front door — all without actually knocking or announcing themselves.

The paramilitary team was on a mission to find illegal weeds, and were prepared to kill — or die — to prevent them from growing.  They found some: two 6-inch sprouts and some seedlings.  Apparently getting those plants off the streets means that the mission was a success.

Magee was arrested and his plants and legally-obtained firearms were confiscated.  He was charged with capital murder and held on $1,000,000.00 bail.

Planning the Attack

Sowders himself had requested that officers serve the warrant “without first knocking and announcing the presence and purpose of officers.”  The reasoning, in Sowder’s own opinion, was that approaching Magee — who had no violent offenses on his record — by knocking on the door during daytime hours would be “dangerous, futile, or would inhibit the effective investigation.”

Texas Deputy Dies Performing No-Knock, No-Announce SWAT Raid For Marijuana [continued]


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  • JdL

    That thug got what he deserved. If you don’t want to be shot, don’t break into the homes of peaceful citizens, shitheads!

    If any armed criminals break into MY house, I hope I can dispatch more than one of them before I’m killed.

    • peck2

      The warranted death of that deputy is NOT a tragedy. It is justice. There are no guarantees, but, since I practice for just such an eventuality, I am pretty sure that several of “them” would go down before I did.

      • Matheus Grunt

        Same here Peck2. I’m a trained combat veteran & if they break into my home or anywhere else in public one day for some stupid reason, a bunch of them are going to die before I do. And yes, this is JUSTICE!

  • Frank_O

    What happened to police producing a search warrant before entering someone’s house?
    More evidence the USA has turned into an Unconstitutional police state.

    • Capt Parker

      SERVING the warrant and allowing you to contact the issuing judge to confirm the probable cause.

    • Matheus Grunt

      The LEO’s are unconstitutional themselves.

    • JEFF_777

      Yes but if they got a search warrant, they wouldn’t be able to kick the door down and run in screaming “POLICE-GET DOWN-POLICE GET DOWN!” like on TV!!! LOL!

      • http://texnat.org/ Texas Chris

        “like on TV”

        And that right there, friend, is the problem.

  • mdak06

    For anyone who is not familiar with this story, the deputy actually was killed in mid-December 2013. It’s about halfway through the article that you get to the actual new part of the story, which is:

    The grand jury REFUSED TO INDICT him for capital murder.

    They did indict him on a drug charge (which is obviously unfortunate), but there was no charge directly related to the death of the deputy (no manslaughter or anything else). The grand jury apparently decided he acted in self-defense, and acted appropriately with regard to that charge.

    • peck2

      Thanks for that update. The next target needs to be the DA.

      • Shagnasty1

        The DA was obligated to put this before the Grand Jury and probably did so without prejudice. This happens all the time whenever there is a homicide, justified or not. In a case like this the Grand Jury makes the decision whether or not to indict. The person to go after is the sheriff who ordered a no knock raid for this situation. And according to the story Sowders himself shares some of the blame in his own death for requesting a no knock raid but the sheriff should take the ultimate responsibility. There was no reason for it other than intimidate the Magee. No knock raids have often had tragic results including one in the Tuscon, Arizona area where they were using one to search homes because it was a neighborhood known for drug dealers. In that one an innocent Iraq veteran was murdered by the sheriff department for rightfully and lawfully defending his home. The sheriff dept then lied about this man shooting at them. No rounds were fired from his rife. How many times has tragedy happened when the wrong address was raided? It is past time to stop this practice unless the suspects are known for violence making total surprise necessary.

        • BR549

          Sowders looked more like a Dunkin Donuts quality inspector who’d been “sampling” too much product; hardly the sociopathic uniformed skinhead that we see adorned in tactically chic attire.

          With Magee having a non-violent record, what was the point of pulling a SWAT raid in the early morning? Why not just come casually up to the door in the afternoon and say, “Hey dude, sorry to rain on your day, but we have an arrest warrant for you.” Some people, pot smokers in particular, don’t want a lot of violence. In this case, the police brought their own garden variety, and look what happened. What moron did the intel on this case?

          We reap what we sow. Karma has this nasty habit of biting people in the ass..

          • JEFF_777

            Yup, it’s sad that these cops get a bunch of MILITARY GEAR and they put it on and feel this sense of power and CAN’T WAIT to try it out on someone so, they say “Hey, let’s go raid this guy who’s got marijuana in his home, he’s dangerous, better violently kick his door down, pop a couple flash-bangs AT 5:30 AM and scare the crap outta him and his family!” Power-mad IDIOTS!

          • http://texnat.org/ Texas Chris

            Doesn’t sound like that milspec gear help Sgt Donut Muncher all that much…

        • Jim Watts

          I totally agree with you on stopping the “No knock” raids. I am a Texas Peace Officer and I believe this practice violates the Constition (Fourth Amendment) and I will not perform nor will I participate in any type of activity that infringes upon a persons God given or Constitional rights.


          • mdak06

            Thank you for keeping your oath Mr. Watts. We need more folks like you.

    • tham

      That’s awesome. I was going to post something about him getting a good lawyer, but the people showed common sense.

      • http://texnat.org/ Texas Chris

        It’s also a requirement in Texas that all shootings go before the Grand Jury.

    • Matheus Grunt

      That’s good but he committed no crime with the weed either.

      • mdak06

        Agreed. The best outcome would have been to indict him for nothing at all. Hopefully a jury will nullify on the drug charge.

        • Matheus Grunt

          That’s the hope.

  • Boomer

    These raids are insane. With no kind of warning being given this guy has every right to empty a mag into the intruders! Oh… maybe that is why they want to ban the high capacity mags.

    • Matheus Grunt

      Exactly. The big govt has built up it’s internal army of civilian thugs we call police/deputies & they’re the ones who will keep doing what the govt wants (whether it’s local-national) and until more of us take the pigs out, they will keep acting with impunity against the Constitution all the while thinking they’re doing a good job by enforcing unconstitutional statutes/codes.

  • Capt Parker

    I’m glad the bastard is dead!
    The “police” have NO LAWFUL AUTHORITY for these “no knock, no announce, no warrant” ‘warrants’ what-so-ever.
    If someone breaks into your house in the early morning, in the dark, without asking your permission – they deserve to die – I don’t care who they are …… and it IS NOT murder if you kill one of them.

    There is NOTHING in the Constitution regarding the serving and issuing of WARRANTS that allow for these kinds of actions … I don’t care what the circumstances …. “police” work is INHERENTLY DANGEROUS, if you don’t want the job …. DON’T TAKE THE JOB.
    The Second Amendment, too, is inviolate, and the phrase, “SHALL NOT” leaves no room for any kind of infringement..

    • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

      I would hopefully never kill one of them. I’d try to kill all of them.

    • tham

      That sort of raid is only justified in extreme situations, say an active killer holing up somewhere. But like everything the government does these days, the policy is made routine and over-the-top. These goombas are gonna get worse and worse.

    • Matheus Grunt

      True. What most people refuse to realize and admit though is that ALL LE’s are criminals in this country & have NO authority once they violated their oaths. They 1st violated their oaths by enforcing the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and onward unconstitutional statute/code/non-law against us. Doesn’t matter if some of them are “good,” what matters is that they’re the most dangerous gang members in America & they all need to be taken down.

    • trupatriot1971

      Great minds think alike! (Chest bump)!

  • Thomas Gladden Wilson

    I am not wont to speak ill of the dead, but at risk of making a hasty generalization this Sowders has all (to me) the attributes of a moron and a fool, don’t they teach the U.S. Constitution in Texas?

  • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

    Can’t have anyone smoking that plant! We need to build a police state around us with a cop in every house to keep people from smoking a plant! We have insane psychopaths running the “show”.

  • kirkpatrick

    He got what was coming to him and I hope every one of those intruders dies the same way.

  • kirkpatrick

    And yet we have people who will look at you with a straight face and insist that this officer did the right thing, because marijuana is illegal. They actually think this made the world a better place, because otherwise that person might have smoked pot and that might be harmful.

    • mdak06

      Next time someone tells you that that the cop was “in the right” because marijuana is illegal, ask them if – given a spot on a jury – they would have voted to convict someone of alcohol possession in the 1920s because of the law. Then ask them if they would have returned a fugitive slave to his/her owner in the 1850s because of the law.

      If they answer that they definitely would follow the law, then they have proven that they are submissive to the politicians and the state, and are truly a sheep. If, on the other hand, they said that they would not follow the law … then hopefully you will have helped open their eyes and helped them realize that unjust laws should not be enforced.

      • tham

        Hell, ask them if they would convict their own children.

  • lilbear68

    another one bites the dust
    need more of these events till the pigs get the idea that you don’t just break in

  • Roddy Pfeiffer

    Is marijuana illegal in America?

    • mdak06

      yesnomaybe, depending on where you are and who you know.

      • tham

        Makes a raid like this even more absurd.

  • wolf

    The police are turning America in to a third world hell hole

  • Linda

    My dear state of Texas is turning into a p olice state jsut like the rest of the country.; First off, they need to stop these no knock raids unless life and limb like hostages are in danger. Looking for drugs is not a legitimiate reason unless dealign with a cartel. The SWT authorities should have ascertained whether there were any gun owners in the house, if indeed they planned a no knock. They are the responsbile part for this debacle and loss of life.. What are we to do, if we at any moment authorities can jsut break into our homes like this? No one can feel safe, especially since mistaken raids are not rare.

    • tham

      I can accept the concept of a “no knock raid” for a vicious killer on the run, but that’s about it. Now these government thugs use it for serving any felony warrant and there are all sorts of non-serious “felonies”. This is going to happen more and more.

      • libertatis

        It does. It happens 80,000 times per year

    • notasheople

      Well, Linda, who decides who is a “cartel” or not? Exceptions are just slippery slopes to be used against you. If someone is dying inside, called for help and can’t get to the door…that’s about it.

  • Linda

    ps sorry for the typing mistakes below

  • lonebear

    Cops brought it on themselves. Didn’t need to happen

    • tham

      Absolutely. In fact, according to this article, Sowders pushed for this tactic.

      • lonebear

        Guess he got what he wanted. It is ridiculous that while the feds are talking about letting out low level offenders and states everywhere are are going legal these NAZIS decide to do a no knock warrant over weed. This whole weed thing is bullshizz. This whole war on drugs is a failure and this cop is dead from his own damn dumb azz ness. I am sorry he is dead but it did not need to happen. The guy they busted in on is going to go down for murder when all he was doing was protecting his own and that is wrong too. It is the COPS fault. Anyone who thinks it ok to do this to someone for smokin a plant that makes them happy makes them the criminal

        • tham

          Actually, the good news update is that the local grand jury REFUSED to indict the guy for shooting the cop, said it was legit self defense. He was, however, charged with the drug crime.

          • lonebear

            That is a very good sign. Thanks for that info

      • ctlovesnathanhale

        Here in Atlanta the local drug/swat team riddled a 92 year old grandma with a hail of bullets and left her to die on her kitchen floor while they planted drugs in her basement. Turns out almost all of the thousands of warrants given these clowns by judges were fraudulent. Entire jails and prisons were filled with their victims. Those cops and the judges are HEROS! Also, they got away with it!

        Sowders was a HERO, but he should have just opened up on the family and he would be alive today to claim his oak leaf cluster surrounding seedlings and murdered family gold medal for valor in the face of sleeping family.

        • tham

          Sadly, these macho sadists are being unleashed on the population by their bosses.

  • Engineered Reality

    Too bad more of them didn’t die. It’s a sad state when one American is willing to do this kind of thing to another. Anyone who thinks it’s okay should get out of America.

    • http://texnat.org/ Texas Chris

      They’ve had their ego stroked for over a generation, been told they’re heroes, and people send their kids up to “thank them for their service” when seen in public.

      What did they expect? That power wouldn’t corrupt?

  • fatwillie

    This is what it will take to wake these thugs up and put and end to their abuse of their citizens. When you act like thugs, you deserve to be shot and killed like thugs. About 20 or so cases like this with the right coverage and problem solved. A real man, a real human, a real patriot that took an oath would not hesitate to do the job accordingly and knock on the door. This officer elected to not knock, and he got knocked. You have every right to defend you and yours as you see fit, these are God given rights, and no man, no group, no law, no govt. has the right to take this away.

    • Tuaca1107

      Ya know, since the hero had no violent history and the paramilitary storm troopers decide to use maximum force, I wonder what they do when then go after murderous criminals. Oh yea them burn down the house they are in.

      Jury will not convict.

      • Herb

        wrong, they don’t go after the dangerous ones. they know who the gang bangers and drug cartel lackeys are, but they are scared so they shoot old people in their garage instead.

  • tham

    Apparently Sowders was a hot dog and a violator of the constitution. At least they got those pot seedlings in custody.

    • ctlovesnathanhale

      Word — if he took 2 sprouts out he is another HERO — if W. was there he would have drank Sowders blood and declared “mission accomplished”!

      • tham

        How many of these mercenaries are multi-tour veterans of the middle eastern wars who got hooked on lording over civilians? I wonder if we are just more “enemy combatants” in their eyes? There have always been some nuts and testosterone addicts on police forces but when I grew up it just wasn’t like this.

        • iohannes

          You make an excellent point.

  • tham

    A commenter below posted an update from this December 2013 article. A Texas grand jury REFUSED to indict the guy for shooting the government thug.

  • Jack Rauber

    How can the police legally do this? What gives them the right to break into someone’s house in the wee hours of the morning, unannounced? This has to be illegal, isn’t it?

    • libertatis

      You had me going there! I thought you were serious and almost posted a long rant about the new Soviet States of America…
      Well played sir!

  • Steve Otis

    This was unconstitutional and unlawful. Hmmm, which of these criminals was committing the violent crime here? Anyone ever hear of a pot smoker becoming violent?

    • DP2010

      Yes, I’ve heard of pot smokers becoming violent. 1) Men and women who have done time for it come out changed and unable to get a job because of their records and some who would not otherwise become violent may under those circumstances. 2) McGee had to use his gun in self-defense, which is technically violence.

      • iohannes


  • ctlovesnathanhale

    The “well liked” pig, who was fond of invading homes with children in them by smashing doors in, throwing explosives around, and waving guns, got what he bargained for, that’s for sure.

    • notasheople

      I hereby refer to police as “pig-farmers” — known for being inbred, overweight, aggressive and stupid.
      Calling them pigs is an insult to a highly-intelligent, sweet-natured animal.

      • ctlovesnathanhale

        Agreed. [I believe dirty cops earned the moniker by charging around like wild boars, having yellow tusks and big bellies, being greedy around drugs and money as well as donuts, and grunting a lot.] How about badge-nazis?

        • Nimadan

          I like the term “badge-thug.” I feel it catches the essence of these people.

          • ctlovesnathanhale

            I like it — I’m using it!

          • Nimadan

            The equivalent term for their comrades-in-fascism
            in the alphabet agencies would be “snoop-spook”.

      • tham

        Absolutely. Pigs are among the 10 most intelligent animals on the planet despite their reputation. It’s not fair to equate these thugs to them.

  • Computer User

    This is so prevalent that the usual results are going to come out differently eventually. In Indiana this would be a non-issue as it has already been established that residents (castle law) can and WILL display terminal force (Constitutionally) when a sudden violent intrusion provokes a life threatening situation. The jury acted prudently and is to be commended for doing what’s just.

  • MarcB1969

    The Castle Doctrine should be his successful defense against a murder conviction. You either have a right to defend yourself or you don’t; it’s really very simple. No knock raids should only be employed in extreme cases like active hostage standoffs, never for a drug bust that can safely be handled with a knock on the door during waking hours.

  • Mathieu Hubin

    Yet another example of how prohibition creates violence. Leave the people alone! It is OUR body not yours! Initiation of force is WRONG and WILL be met with resistance!

    • Matheus Grunt

      Maybe some of these kind of cases is what will propel more patriots to start firing against the police & stop surrendering their stuff. I don’t know. I hope so.

  • trumpsahead

    They were lucky he grabbed a “rifle”. My self-defense weapon is a shotgun, heh heh heh.

    • ctlovesnathanhale

      Yeah, if you kill every badge-thug “serving” a no knock warrant they have nobody to bear false witness against you. They are BEGGING to be blown away on no knocks. Even Al Capone would have the right to open fire on anyone breaking into his house without even announcing it is the police.

  • libertatis

    Best possible result–a dead tyrant-thug, and the jury upheld their Common Law duty to exonerate him!
    Let’s hope this happens enough times to start making the thugs re-think their fun little bullying games.
    I’m SICK of these SWAT raids! There are 80,000 per year–when did we let America become Soviet Russia??

    • Matheus Grunt

      But…. but…. everyone for the most part supports LEO’s because you know, they got a hard job and all of that jazz! LOL. Yeah, right. My job serving my country was truly hard because we got sent to a f—-d up war-zone twice for a long period of time each time where mofo’s were trying to kill us daily while we conducted our missions. F–k the thug police because they serve nobody but the government itself by enforcing/upholding unconstitutional laws.

  • Kurt

    I’m just wondering when people will set up sentry guns guarding the front door against these raids. Look up paintball sentry guns on youtube. Imagine that with a real rifle!

  • ractivist

    What stops a gang from dressing up like cops and doing no knock raids….. I mean people who impersonate police. Nothing. So in my opinion, if you know you are not guilty of any crimes, the only thing to do is to shoot the intruders till they can prove who they are. Every wanna be can get a fake uniform today. Yup, we the people should be innocent in the eye’s of a just law in killing intruders, no matter how they are dressed.

    But do pay attention, the police state is real and it’s ultimate goal is to protect and help create a totalitarian world government. It’s going to get really ugly people. Invest in lead, brass and copper. Learn how to use it efficiently. Never surrender

    • peck2

      I have stressed this point many times. Any moron can buy a badge and holler…”police”. That tactic will get you killed, whether “ligit” or not, if you try to break into my abode.

  • Matheus Grunt

    This is a warning to ALL police/deputies/federal agents out here. We will begin killing you more for doing things like this. It’s going to happen, this case is encouragement to the rest out here who are so afraid of the oath violating criminals we call LE. Yeah, more like CEO’s, aka, criminal enforcement officers.

    The armed deputies, aka, thugs, deserve to be killed. Breaking the
    Constitution for a living ends up catching up to you after awhile.
    Eventually LEO’s are going to have to face the music with people out
    here who will take them down in larger numbers because they’re
    recognized as the most direct & distinct physical threat to our
    liberty & to have any justice. The others behind these crooks will
    get their just desserts in time too. Let this be a lesson to
    cowboy/non-cowboy LE thugs, your days are numbered. The history of America is ripe with lessons of brave people standing up against tyrants & their ENFORCERS. This guy whose home was broken into committed NO crime. You have no right to enforce unconstitutional statutes much less break into our homes. Too bad this guy didn’t kill off more of them in there.

  • Matheus Grunt

    The thugs over at PoliceOne are decrying this decision by the grand jury. Typical. They think the guy with the weed should’ve been prosecuted. The GJ still indicted him for possessing a weapon with weed in his house but YOU CAN’T legally charge him with that because 1, weed does not negate his right to keep & bear arms & 2, you can’t violate the 2nd Amendment with BS charges like this.

  • Brian M

    i love a happy ending

  • Guest

    I’m glad to read the posts telling the rest of the story. This man should have never been jailed for murder to begin with and the Judge who set bail at $1 million dollars should be removed from the bench. If I was this Magee person, I would get out of Texas on the first plane, he’ll never be able to live peacefully in Texas again, the Cops will harass him to force him to do something stupid so they can execute him.

  • JTCoyoté

    The gist of this is not about the “weed,” it’s about the 4th Amendment…

    If you enter my house, my home, in that way without warrant or warning, you will get the same thing… That fool of a deputy turned an innocent man, awaiting his first child, into a killer in protection of his family …

    The Law of the Harvest is turning quickly now… “instant Karma” as John Lennon put it… These cops need to learn that you cannot break the law to uphold the law… the 4th Amendment is the immutable LAW… pot policies are statutory mutables that can change on a local legislative whim… they do NOT countermand or cancel the Constitution!

    My condolences to the family of the dead deputy…


  • RevoltBeginsNow

    Good news for once.

  • LetsTryLibertyAgain

    The No Knock Raid is now a music video.


    • mdak06

      Excellent, and disturbing.

  • Herb

    not a tragedy, this should happen to every officer that crashes a door down to serve a warrant on non-violent suspects for petty crimes based on an informant…

  • marineh2ominer

    HOORAY , our homes and private property should be inviolate with out absolute proof BEFOREHAND that there is a VIOLENT felon inside , and if not the homeowner , he and his family’s safety sholud not only be paramount , the police force should have to pay to repair any and all property damage incurred . If the police , or as I call them , the gestapo are afraid perhaps they should not hire COWARDS for the job .l

  • EndCorruptCorporatocracy

    Militarized police SWAT teams = domestic terrorist shock troops.