The Birth of A False Flag Operation: American Rifle and Pistol Association

False Flag“A new gun advocacy group calling itself a ‘responsible’ alternative to the National Rifle Association launched July 4 – and it hopes to attract gun owners across the political spectrum,” reports. ”None of the members of the leadership team are representatives, agents, or employees of the firearms manufacturing industry in any way; nor do they claim to be firearms experts of any kind; nor are they law enforcement personnel, politicians, or firearms industry lobbyists,” The Texas-based American Rifle and Pistol Association (ARPA) website assures its readers. “Complete executive profiles on ARPA leadership team are available to all members.” Wait. You have to sign up before you know who the leaders are? We can do better than that!

Let’s start with chairman Peter Vogt . . . According to his Facebook page, Mr. Vogt is formerly of Stamford, Connecticut, now of Austin, Texas works for Austin’s BTO Group. Nope, not Bachman Turner Overdrive, they are  a “highly advanced Cloud Solutions Provider, providing end-to-end Web 3.0 IT transformation solutions & services to the Fortune-1000, Energy and Healthcare.”

CEO Waylan Johnson is an oil man, also CEOing for the Texas Energy Group.

American Rifle and Pistol’s President and mouthpiece is Robert Gelinas, another high-tech liberal, the CEO at the Google search-shy AppXoft. He’s also the man behind ArcheBooks Publishing, a vanity publisher with a distinct preference for its owner’s manuscripts. Gelinas’ Linked In profile proclaims: “ARPA is the Voice of mainstream gun owners. It exists to promote SANE gun ownership and firearms management. SANE = Safety, Advocacy, Networking, and Education.

The ARPA appears to have all the authenticity, promise and likely staying power of The Coffee Party. Yet none of this dubiousness has prevented the liberal media from eating-up what they’re putting down.

The Birth of A False Flag Operation: American Rifle and Pistol Association [continued]


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  • Grey

    Huh, just like the politicians and media tried to take over the tea party message, now they are trying to make an alternative to the NRA that will be more ‘Moderate’ (there are gun owner alternatives to the NRA but they tend to be even more ferocious in defense of the second ammendment – obviously this one is significantly LESS ferocious than the NRA). Moderate is another term for willing to compromise the principles that you claim are important.

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  • OldPoorRichard

    ARPHA: American Rifle and Pistol Haters’ Association. Fixed it for them.