The ‘Creepy’ Mannequin That Spies On You

By Damien Gayle

  • Mannequins have cameras instead of eyes to monitor people as they shop
  • Campaigners denounce ‘creepy’ move and claim it is profit over privacy
  • EyeSee dummies, made in Italy, and are in use in Europe and the U.S.
  • Makers want to update technology to EAVESDROP on what customers say

Mannequins in fashion boutiques are now being fitted with secret cameras to ‘spy’ on shoppers’ buying habits.

High Street fashion chains have deployed the dummies equipped with technology adapted from security systems used to identify criminals at airports.

From the outside, the $3,200 (£2,009) EyeSee dummy looks like any other mannequin, but behind its blank gaze it hides a camera feeding images into facial recognition software that logs the age, gender and race of shoppers.

This information is fed into a computer and is ‘aggregated’ to offer retailers using the system statistical and contextual information they can use to develop their marketing strategies.

Its makers boast: ‘From now on you can know how many people enter the store, record what time there is a greater influx of customers (and which type) and see if some areas risk to be overcrowded.

 However, privacy campaigners have denounced the system as ‘creepy’ and said that such surveillance is an instance of profit trumping privacy.

The ‘Creepy’ Mannequin That Spies On You [continued]


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