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Donald Trump Toilet Roll Talker

What people are saying…

“Even funnier if you don’t warn your guests ahead of time =)
OMG!! This is hilarious!!! The one place you really don’t want to be laughing out loud and you will…in the bathroom on the potty… because just hearing the comments will crack you up. These gag gifts are just so timely right now in this election year and will be a collector’s item for sure. Clear, loud voice and the funniest thing will be if you don’t tell your guests what to expect when they use your restroom! I’m going to gift these to friends at the holidays!”

This is awesome. I love the quality of the speaker
You can hear Donald Trump loud and clear delivering some of his best lines. This will be a fun gift or even a gag gift for the non Donald Trump supporters. I plan on giving this to the Office Manager. This would be a great Office Gift for the annual Christmas Party. Now my daughter wants one for her dorm.”

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[scis id=”6″]