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Donald Trump Mask

What people are saying…

Nothing to complain about, its a mask. Fans of Trump will enjoy it.
Pretty much exactly as pictured. It barely fit me because I had to tuck my beard in, but if it wasn’t for that it would have fit fine. Mask covers whole head (to about the base of the skull) and the eye holes give it a rather eerie feeling, because it just looks hollow inside (much like the candidate himself, lol). It seems to be a great conversation piece, given our current time and events. I have a pretty large head, I typically have to wear a pretty large hat, so I imagine this is a fair size for just about anyone. There is some added foam padding on the inside top (forehead and up) area, so it shouldn’t rub too bad.

Hilarious Mask for Halloween or anytime for that matter!
This Donald Trump Republican Presidential Mask by Squirrel Products is awesome. I bought it for my husband to wear for Halloween. It is hilarious and will be a great hit at our Halloween party that we are having. Actually, I am thinking about wearing it to work for our Potluck Halloween Luncheon. I might offend a lot of people, but I don’t care because it will be hilarious. I also bought a Donald Trump Wig which can be worn with this mask. This is the perfect Halloween costume. There was a slight smell inside the mask but leaving it out for a few days, the smell will clear up.

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