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The Donald Talking Pen

What people are saying…

“Excellent buy.  I’d recommend.
It sounds exactly like Trump. I first got Hillary and then figured she needed her opponent. I mean, what’s Hillary without Trump? Boring! She’s just laughing but at what? So, I got her Trump and now she laughs at everything he says and he has an audience and they’re both happy.

Oh yeah and the pen works fine. ha! but who cares? It’s the talking heads that matter! :-)”

I Love it!
I love this product!! It is so fun and funny.
The only negative thing about it is the weight of the pen. It is pretty heavy to hold but this pen is more a novelty than anything else.
It say seven different things which are all hilarious and were said by the Donald himself. I am totally enthralled by the product and want to get a lot more for my friends and family.
I totally recommend this product for everyone it is truly a fun and funny novelty for all!”

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[scis id=”6″]