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Donald Trump Caganer

What people are saying…

So perfectly hilarious!
What a complete hoot! I had never heard of Caganers before. The image this one leaves in your mind is staggering!!

The ceramic Trump was very nicely made, with very delicate hand painting (I assume it’s by hand). It looks exactly like the picture, and actually felt pretty sturdy. I’m sending it to my son at college for his birthday. I may have to get one for myself – people won’t believe what they’re seeing on my screen!”

“Hilarious, well-crafted political statement
Makes a brilliant statement by means of a unique Catalonian tradition. I won’t be placing it among my Christmas decorations, however. Instead, I am keeping it on my desk to remind myself every day that what’s going on in this country — and what will be going on for the next four years — is not normal. In fact, it’s all just poop on the U.S. Constitution.”

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[scis id=”6″]