March 4, 2015

The Liberty Crier Now Accepts Bitcoin Donations

February 10, 2013

Trevor Lyman

| Trevor Lyman is a political activist and founder of During the 2008 Ron Paul Presidential campaign Trevor was the lead organizer of the first Ron Paul moneybombs (of Nov. 5th, and Dec. 16th, 2007) and of the Ron Paul Blimp project.

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We’re launching a new bitcoin donation program today so that readers like you can support The Liberty Crier while helping to grow the bitcoin economy at the same time.

The Liberty Crier serves original and excerpt based liberty oriented news articles to over one hundred and sixty thousand visitors per month, and growing. You can help us continue our progress in spreading the message of liberty by making a bitcoin donation today.

To make transactions easy (even if you don’t have bitcoins) we’re using the fast growing and user friendly service at Click the button below to make your donation now.

Donate Bitcoins

Thank you very much for your support!

Learn more about bit coins and get your own hosted wallet at today.


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