March 1, 2015

The Pentagon Throws a Fit and Sticks Out its Tongue

February 23, 2013

C.Jay Engel

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The Washington Post reports:

The Defense Department officially notified its 800,000 civilian employees on Wednesday that they are likely to be placed on periods of unpaid leave, as the Obama administration scrambled to deal with congressionally mandated budget cuts set to kick in next week.

“There is no mistaking that the rigid nature of the cuts forced upon this department, and their scale, will result in a serious erosion of readiness across the force,” Secretary of Defense Leon E. Panetta said to employees in a memo issued Wednesday.

What a crying baby.  Amidst all the childish activity in Washington regarding the looming automatic “budget cuts” that cut absolutely nothing except the looney tunes plans concocted by the heads of various departments, the Pentagon has the audacity to throw a fit.  Even though the cuts that the Government warns about (as if they were flying meteors over our heads) do not exist, the Pentagon and its sidekicks have decided to play a game.  Thomas DiLorenzo states it well:

Then there’s the Washington Monument Syndrome game that has been mastered primarily by state and local governments.  The game is this:  Whenever a politician is “threatened” with a minor slowdown in spending, the first thing to do is to eliminate police, firefighters, ambulance services, school buses, etc. — everything that inflicts the maximum discomfort on the victims of the government monopoly (a.k.a., taxpayers).  The booboisie then wake up from their American Idol stupor for a moment to raise a fuss, and the proposals to slow down spending growth disappear.

(It’s called the “Washington Monument Syndrome” because the head of the National Park Service shut down the Washington Monument in the ’60s in response to Congress’s temporary refusal to fund his complete spending wish list.  Tourists from every state complained to their congressmen, and the Park Service wish list was fully funded).

In other words, the Pentagon makes it known that if they don’t get a spending allowance that is greater than last year’s, the “civilian jobs” will be lost!  But even if the so-called sequestration takes place, the Pentagon will still get more money than they did in 2012!  In other words, Panetta is playing sore loser because rather than getting X more dollars than last year, he is getting Y more dollars.  To drive home my point, he is threatening a furlough even though he has more money in his budget in 2013 than the immediate previous year.   What a loon.

Secondly, let’s pretend that we lived in a world where there was such thing as a government cut.  Let’s go to the outskirts of our imagination and make believe that the sequestration actually forced the Pentagon to make cuts.  Even still, why is Panetta playing the school girl?  Why talk about the civilian workers?  Why not bring troops home?  Why not close bases around the world?  Why not stop pestering nations that have done us no harm (such as Africa, Latin America)?  Why not stop expanding our unneeded weaponry?  Why not stop sending troops and ships to the South Pacific to try and bait a war with China?  There are billions of dollars that can be saved simply by refusing to be the next Roman empire.

When I was a seven year old, my mother would tell me to clean out the junk in my room.  I doubt she would have given in to me if I screamed bloody murder, holding up a newer shirt she had bought me and yelled: “Fine! You are forcing me to get rid of this shirt! I hope you are happy!”

This is literally the ridiculous behavior that our so-called leaders portray.

To the Pentagon’s melodramatic protests, I say this: “800,000 people furloughed?  Awesome. That is a great first step.  Just fire them.  Bring all the troops home.  End the wars.  Follow the Constitution.  Stop being the worldwide bully with our money, our dignity, and our precious resources.  King George was revolted against for having standing armies.  Why should you be treated differently?”

They are going to pout in the corner, pretend like the sky is falling, while the politicians decide, at the last minute like always, to save the day and either kick the can down the road or else make the debt ceiling permanently a thing of the past.  And when that day comes when they make a deal regarding this sequestration, they will shake hands, smile for the cameras, and receive praise for their heroism and their ability to “leave party lines behind.”

A true hero though would refuse a deal, allow the sequestration, put his hands in his pockets, tell the truth to the cameras, and ignore a “bipartisan consensus.”  Bipartisanship is not a good thing if it is a party that takes place in your wallet.  Neither is it praiseworthy if the consensus is attained at the expense of our individual property rights.

There are no heroes in Washington.  Only scoundrels, fools, and babbling baboons.



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