The Truth Comes Out: Former IRS Director Admits Taxes Are Voluntary

Disclaimer: This post is NOT a recommendation to NOT pay your taxes.


Steve Miller, former Director of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), admitted at a Congressional hearing that the taxes collected by the IRS are not mandatory – but voluntary.

When questioned at the House Ways and Means Committee (WMC) hearing last week, Miller told House Representative Devin Nunes that “America’s tax system is ‘voluntary’”. When Nunes remarked for clarification that the US tax code is a “voluntary system”, Miller said, “Agreed.”

House Representative Xavier Becerra commented that the ruse of the IRS is kept as a public confidence in the system scheme to keep Americans paying money to the IRS.

Miller confirmed this is so.

The shuffle at the IRS has landed Danny Werfel as the new acting director.

The Truth Comes Out: Former IRS Director Admits Taxes Are Voluntary [continued]


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  • Tabitha Bliss

    Voluntary; you can either pay up or voluntarily spend hard time in the slammer.

    • Frank_O

      Exactly. How can a “voluntary tax” put you in jail or have your wages & bank accounts confiscated, if the IRS doesn’t think you paid enough “voluntary” taxes???

      This is double-speak & reminds me of when Clinton said, “It depends on what your definition of “is” is”. I’ve long considered paying my taxes WITHOUT signing my tax return (because once you sign it you are basically saying what you submitted is the truth & you are willing to face punishments if it is not the truth).

      Perhaps one way to begin to undermine the system is just for EVERYONE to file their taxes WITHOUT signing the tax returns & to “voluntarily” send in the proper amount of taxes. Once we all can do this & avoid legal repercussions, then we can progress to truly sending in whatever “voluntary” taxes we want to pay.

      Just a thought. I would gladly like a tax expert or Constitutional Law comment on the possibility of submitting tax returns unsigned & truly voluntary payment of taxes.

      • countyguard

        Folks, the IRS is a huge fraud, and you can prove it to yourself. Not only is it a “voluntary” system, which they obviously refute, they are illegally extracting most American’s money through the so-called “income” tax. Your wages, salary or compensation for service is NOT lawful “income” and was never originally intended as a target for taxation. You can prove this as well. Imagine not having ANY taxes on your wages.

        In addition, the IRS is not a government agency, is violating its own rules in procedures, and the IR code has no place where it makes most American’s liable for filing any 1040 form, among many other criminal issues they are involved. Clearly a case of Racketeering.

        The U.S. Supreme Court recently refused to hear my case brought against the IRS on many of these issues, (after 9 other court cases over several years, where due process was denied, and the courts completely ignored the evidence), denied me due process, ignored its own laws and rules, declared that due process is dead for us all in this issue, and that the Constitution has no meaning any longer. The IRS waived its right to respond to the case, which is a default under Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 55 which demands that any default be filed in the case. The Supreme Court did NOT follow this rule.

        (See docket at

        Research the subject yourself…, and read for yourself what “income” is…,

        For other information…, and

        Knowing the truth, and standing on your rights and the laws that are in our favor are vital. We must “withdraw our consent” and put the IRS and other government agencies back into their own jurisdiction!!!

        • facelikethesun

          The Federal Reserve is neither Federal…nor a Reserve.

          They have not owned gold since 1934. So all that $$ is backed up by air…

        • Frank_O

          Although I’m not a lawyer and haven’t studied much of these issues on my own, everything you say resonates with what little I know about it. Basically, all 3 branches of the Federal Government are conveniently ignoring these issues because of the fear of loss of tax revenue needed to continue the Federal Government itself. Out of shear self-preseravtion instincts, the Federal Government has ignored & increasingly continues to ignore the Constitution. The Federal Reserve (which is not part of the Federal Government & which has no “reserves”) plus the IRS are killing this nation & the too-big-to-fail banks use the Courts & the politicians as puppets to get their every Unconstitutional wishes fulfilled. The USA & US Constitution are dead legally & soon will be dead financially. I don’t see this nation & its Constitution coming back any time soon.

    • facelikethesun

      Volunteer: “a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task.”

      Key word freely. It’s not a free choice if the consequence is the slammer.

      • countyguard

        You volunteer to self-assess, and then pay a tax that you are not legally required to pay. Think… if the IRS already has all the documents from employees on what wages someone makes, why don’t they simply calculate the right tax, send us a bill and we pay it? Because it is unconstitutional, illegal and VOLUNTARY. When you sign a 1040 form, you are stating some legal things which most Americans cannot prove, and there fore are committing perjury in doing so, and you are making a “donation” to the government to help it function. Your wage is NOT “Income,” and you are NOT a government employee, among others things. This is a huge fraud.

        • facelikethesun

          I am in total agreement with you. I have a friend who was bold enough to not pay her taxes. When she was brought to court, she simply repeated herself over and over that she was not required under the law to pay her taxes. The courts couldn’t do anything.

          But of course our government can be slimy and discredit, even kill people that they feel is a threat.

          I’ve said this before and I will say it again.

          Each year we work our butts off so we can have half of it go to an ambiguous authority of which we have no idea where the money goes under the fear that if we don’t pay up, we can go to jail.

          I agree…the IRS is a huge fraud that operates on the fear of the American people.

          • countyguard

            The problem is, not one penny of our “income” taxes go to pay for anything but the interest on the fraudulent national debt created by a private banking cartel, the Federal Reserve. Research the “Grace Commission” report for that fact. The “income” tax is part of the Federal Reserve fraud in making people think that their taxes pay for things. The government “prints” all the money it wants… money created from nothing, so they can spend all they want building itself into the beast it is today. If government growth were actually based on taxation of Americans, it would have been noticed long ago and Americans would have put a stop to it.

            How do you think they paid for the Iraq and Afgan wars, bailed out trillions of banker’s debt, etc? They create it from nothing and then saddle the people with the interest on this fraudulent and unconstitutional debt.

            We better begin working locally to defend our rights and freedoms… and

          • facelikethesun

            Yep…I’ve read Edward G Griffin’s book…

            The Creature from Jekyl Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve

            This book should be required reading for all americans.

          • Guest

            What is the name of your friend? Considering that the IRS has one 100% of similar cases in court, I will be very interested in reading the court documents. Can it be that your friend lied to you, or does not exist?

          • jenniewalsh

            The IRS is owned by the Satanic Illuminati, the international bankster-gangsters, the Rothschild Dynasty’s globalist organized crime syndicate. By paying the IRS’s extortion money, the American people are literally financing the evils of the Kingdom of Satan throughout the earth and our own destruction.

          • kim

            Jenniewalsh you said. That’s is EXACTLY what is going on! WE are paying them to kill men, women and children all over the globe. WE pay for them to feed the hungry with their POISON GMO’S FOOD’S.




            Come out of EVERTHING these beast tell you about the FATHER AND THE SON!

            First beast rome ALWAYS kept the people from reading or owing the WORD. Preaching their lie’s.

            Second beast writes and make’s trillions of the so-call word. Which is nothing more then translated lies. You know a little adding and a whole lot taken away.

        • Kay Shallcross

          When I was around many people who did not pay federal taxes in the 80s it was my understanding that you had to rescind your social security #. Try getting a bank to cash your check if you don’t have a SSN or getting a driver’s license, etc. While it may be voluntary, AFAIK once you take a number as identification, you are no longer Suis Juris (sp) and you must pay fed taxes.

  • SnowDog

    He doesn’t mean ‘voluntary’ in the way that it’s being implied. He means that people must either fill out their own tax forms, or hire someone to do it, and then make the effort to mail it in. He doesn’t appear to mean, from the context, that anyone can opt-out.

    • Herb

      the law as written states voluntary in the way normal people understand it, but the internal regulations of the IRS created criminal penalties for not paying. The IRS is an illegal entity, creating illegal laws (laws not passed by congress) and who violate the citizens of America at every turn. There is currently a $50,000 reward to anyone that find the actual law the compels the people to pay the IRS. To date no one had been able to do so.

      • Michael Sholtis

        True… and anyone who has not seen “America Freedom to Facism” needs to watch it. The movie really defines just how illegal what the IRS is and does is totally illegal…


      You should really read, “The Creature From Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve,” by G. Edward Griffin. It’ll clear up any misunderstandings you may have. :)

    • TRALAL

      “Voluntary Compliance” ~ are you going to continue making this generous contributions? millions of Americans are no longer doing so ~

  • Anthony Murray

    So he is just talking out of both sides of his mouth, they are voluntary but you must pay them. More federal government wisdom. We need to go back to strict constitutional government and look at any amendments passed since 1900.

  • its beyond belief

    as soon as you sign your first form you sell your soul to them forever


      STOP signing, your soul should not be for sale, nor should you volunteer your wages to the IRS,
      a criminal corporation, a money laundering institution.

  • Leo Harris

    You twisted it around a tad. He didn’t say paying taxes is voluntary, he said that people voluntarily pay their taxes. Don’t become like a politician, don’t read into things that aren’t really there.

    • Massive Marbles

      True that Leo!

    • Apoc

      But people do not pay taxes voluntarily – they pay them with a gun to their heads. What I don’t understand is why the FED banksters still demand the fruit of my labor. They print all the money they require and more. Why do I have to labor and labor to give 20% to them? When we had the gold standard, I had to pay them my gold. That was the original robbery. Now that they have robbed us of all the gold in the US, they don’t need my Fiat Federal Debt Notes returned to them (stupid smelly Fed paper). Tax “dollars” mean nothing. It must be just another means of control.


        Bingo! :D

  • David

    He clearly stated we participate voluntarily. This is a flat out lie as I have personal experience testing that assertion.

    • Truelitistnot

      You do participate voluntarily out of fear of being prosecuted. None-the-less, the Federal Tax system is voluntary, has always been voluntary and always will be voluntary as they can not legally tax the labor of people. Unfortunately, they will equally illegally come after you for not paying. It will take a fully awakening of the Amerikan people and for everyone to stop paying to destroy this hideous system called Federal Income Taxes and the gestapo collections agency known as the IRS.

  • Pau Andrew Mitchell

    There is no Statute at Large creating a specific liability for taxes imposed by subtitle A of the Internal Revenue Code. When he was Secretary of the Treasury, Paul H. O’Neill failed to answer a SUBPOENA IN A CIVIL CASE for that Statute at Large. Therefore, the holding in Commissioner v. Acker applies: even if the IRS were a de jure service, bureau, office or other subdivision of the U.S. Department of the Treasury — which they decidedly are NOT — the IRS would STILL not have any authority to create a tax liability solely by means of Regulations published in the Federal Register. Separation of Powers is a Fundamental Right guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, and IRS personnel can be TERMINATED for violating ANY Right guaranteed by that U.S. Constitution. See Sect. 1203(b)(3)(A) of the IRS Restructuring and Reform Act of 1998.

  • Truelitistnot

    There has never been good work done at the IRS! Mr. Becerra is grossly mistaken to think any good work has ever come out of the IRS. Everyone in Amerika should simply stop paying withholdings and stop filing taxes.

  • davescotese

    Lost horizons explains why the income tax has to be voluntary for most
    people. It also explains why there is so much deceit in and around the
    IRS. It’s a dot com site that offers great rewards anyone willing to
    put in the effort to understand (legally pay no taxes, as long as you
    aren’t earning through a privilege granted you by the federal

  • davescotese

    The “system is voluntary” statement is during the 10:30 Eastern Time minute. It’s a “Clip” on C-Span, but you can’t go beyond the edges of the clip, so I figured anyone who wants to examine the context, it would be good to provide some navigation.

  • Jeanne

    All of you should look this stuff up so you’ll know what you’re talking about. The IRS says it uses the
    procedural statutes from the 1939 and 1954 codes, and that it collects taxes based on Chapters 1 and
    2 of the 1939 Code. (See 26 CFR Sections 601.101(a) and 601.102(b)(1)(i)). The reason they say that
    is that Congress restated the 1939 code and made it the 1954 code. Both codes are almost exactly
    the same. (See Volume 3, U.S. Code Congressional and Administrative News, 83rd Congress, 2nd
    Session). If you want to do it the easy way, download Revenue Ruling 2005-59 from the internet, and
    you’ll see that it cites and acquiesces in a tax court case (Millsap v. Commissioner), which says that
    filing a tax return is a CONSENT to an assessment of tax in our tax system. Section 251 of the 1939
    code clearly specifies what the United States is for tax purposes–it’s any place that the U.S. owns–
    like postoffices, military installations, national parks, Washington, D.C., etc. In Volume 18, page 6093
    of the Federal Register, the IRS interpreted Section 251, and said that if you did not receive iincome
    “within the United States” (as the U.S. is defined in Section 251) you are not required to file a tax return.
    Section 931 of the 1954 code, according to Congress, is exactly the same as Section 251 of the 1939
    code, so now you can go look all this stuff up and know what you’re talking about.

    • Bill Stewart

      The claim that filing a tax return is consent to an assessment of tax by the IRS is fraud in that it is another government contract that is not disclosed as voluntary, therefore fraudulent in that there was failure to disclose a material fact. Time to abolish the IRS altogether.

  • ThePigsArePartOfItTO

    These comments are moderated. Pathetic you are so stupidly caught up in your own hypocrisy to demand “freedom” but at the same time enfore the very censorship that goes against it.

  • Critical Thinker

    Since 1913 (100 years) we all have been enslaved with illegal income taxes!! There is NO LAW we have to pay them. Along with illegal income taxes The Federal Reserve is a SCAM created by foreign bankers on U.S. soil which is NOT part of the U.S. Federal Government!!

    Recently people including former IRS agents have been found NOT GUILTY of either failing to file or not paying income taxes. How can this be? No juries asked to see the law before!! They found “NO LAW” and a 100 year scam!!! See Aaron Russo’s America: Freedom to Fascism

  • jenniewalsh

    The IRS is fraud, deceit, treachery, grand theft, extortion from beginning to end. It is owned and run by crooks and those deceived by the crooks.
    Type in: “America, Freedom to Fascism” to get the SHOCKING TRUTH about how the American people have been robbed, lied to and plundered by the criminal IRS.

  • jenniewalsh

    It is getting easier and easier to recognize the wolves in sheep’s clothing, the SECRET members of the Satanic Illuminati who don’t want the IRS exposed for what it really is… a criminal, fraudulent, evil, thieving operation.

    • don

      this is all about why Kennedy was assassinated — he was against the irs and more

  • jenniewalsh

    The IRS is an ILLEGAL, FRAUDULENT, ORGANIZED CRIME, GRAND THEFT, CRIMINAL, RIP-OFF SCAM which has been robbing the American people for the last 100 years. ALL the money collected goes into the coffers of the international bankster-gangsters/the Satanic Rothschild Illuminati globalist crime syndicate to finance their evil agendas throughout the world…to bring forth their one world totalitarian military, bloody, police-state dictatorship. the 16th Amendment to the constitution was never legally ratified by the states. The entire system is FRAUD, INVASION OF PRIVACY, EXTORTION AND GRAND THEFT.

    BOYCOTT-ABOLISH the IRS, the Federal Reserve, the EPA and Obaminationcare and ALL of the Satanic Bureaucracies to free America from economic tyranny, enslavement and dictatorship by the Satanic power-elite international bankster-gangsters.

  • jenniewalsh

    The IRS is fraud, grand theft, extortion, invasion of privacy…in other words, the IRS is a major criminal organization that has been deceiving and stealing from the American people for many years. The IRS is the major financing arm of the Satanic Illuminati and all their evils throughout the world (genocides, abortions, overthrowing good national leaders, media lies and propaganda, governmental takeovers, stealing of resources, terrorism, war mongering and every other conceivable crime on the planet).

  • jenniewalsh

    Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul want to abolish the criminal organization known as the IRS. People who want to be free from economic tyranny, invasion of privacy, extortion, fraud and grand theft would be wise to support these 3 patriots in every possible way.

  • Ca JeffO

    2 Other agents have been saying the same for YEARS!!!!!! Look on for Joe Bannister & Sherry Jackson!!!!!