March 4, 2015

The Only Thing The Police Don’t Shoot Is Video

May 9, 2014

police-shootingIn the few weeks since the Albuquerque Police Department’s propensity to shoot and kill the public was put in the national spotlight after a homeless man was killed on video, 3 more killings by the APD have taken place and the citizens commandeered a city council meeting, threatening to arrest Sheriff Eden.

Ethical questions have also arisen about the cozy relationship between newly retired Police Chief Schutlz and TASER. Over $2 Million of body cameras have been ordered but none were turned on when a 19 year old girl, Mary Hawkes was killed recently. As the Military Industrial Complex expands its new profit center — the Police State Industrial Complex — we see the same pattern of revolving doors and influence peddling.


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  • Stargazer

    Whomever is in charge should just make sure that the users of those cameras don’t have any control of the on/off functions!

    • livefree1200cc

      Criminal charges should be brought up on anyone who turns them off

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  • peck2

    I quit going to the VA in Albuquerque for two very good reasons. One, it is the VA, and two, it is in Albuquerque. Both are corrupt and unsafe.

    • tamajam10

      Peck, this is off topic, but it applies to your post. My father was in a VA hospital for years. The veterans were treated horribly by most of the staff – many of whom did not even speak English. When I took his tv to be repaired after it stopped working, it was found to be loaded with cockroaches. My father could not talk and had limited mobility; he could never have told me this. While I was trying to move him out of there, he died after asphyxiating on Ensure when he was left unattended….while staff conversed in the staff lounge. It was a very sad place, and it was no place for any Veteran to live out their days.

      So, my questions become: Why does the U.S. government treat our Veterans so poorly? And, why does it now prescribe war Veterans psychotropic drugs (which do more harm than good) when they suffer from PTSD after they return from learning the Truth about the banker’s wars?

      Just wondering. My heart and compassion go out to you all who have been so systematically abused by the government you relied on to have your backs.

      • peck2

        That’s a tough one tamajam10. Individually, a few of the MDs and RNs at the VA are trying their best to do their best, but they are severely hampered with political procedures and restrictions. That is, in my opinion, the problem. All VA directors are political appointees whose instructions are to spend as little as possible in order to have more funds for the DC statists to dole out in foreign aid and BS welfare to useless entities. And, of course, to pay for their own personal perks. That is as far as I can go with this because I get dangerously pissed when I dwell on it too much. Never, ever trust or rely on anything Federal.

  • tamajam10

    They will never have bullets or armor to defend themselves against a revolution by a People fed up with their gross abuse of power.

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