Top 8 Reasons Why Judge Andrew Napolitano Should Run For Governor Now (And Then For President in 2016)

A large number of people have been talking about backing Judge Andrew Napolitano for President in 2016. I absolutely support this idea however I think if we wait that long and stick to that single goal we will miss out on another opportunity with the Judge that we have in front of us right now.

I think that we should ask the Judge to run for Governor of New Jersey for the upcoming Nov 5th, 2013 election. That’s about nine months away.

I believe that Judge Andrew Napolitano should run for Governor of New Jersey in 2013 for the following reasons:

1.) A Governor has a much greater chance of winning the Presidency. The Judge has many great credentials under his belt right now but politician is not yet one of them. If he were to become Governor of NJ it would add a massive amount of credibility to his bid for President.

2.) Why wait until 2016 to campaign for the Judge? Why not get started now? By being in the electoral game the press will act as a magnifier in terms of name recognition and exposure for the Judge. There is no better way to build name recognition than to have tens of millions of dollars worth of publicity provided for free by the mainstream media. Think of a bid for Governor as (at the very least) a massive publicity campaign to help the Judge win NOW or LATER.

3.) We have a much greater chance of electing a Governor than we do a President. Just imagine if our entire R3volution focused its energy into just one state for the next ten months. Saturation in marketing (making sure people see the same message over and over again) is much easier to achieve in a limited geographical area. Grassroots efforts like sign waves would have much more impact because they would reach a greater percentage of the population as compared to a national level.

4.) It’s good practice for our movement to work with the Judge in this way. We’ll learn his strengths and weaknesses as a candidate and will have practical experience in learning how to overcome his weaknesses and magnify his strengths. We’ll need that kind of experience if we’re going to win the Presidency in 2016.

5.) The Judge has publicly stated he would not run for President in 2016.  Whatever the reason, do we want to pass up an election he could win now by hoping for something that may not be available to us in the future? I can’t help but think of that saying about a bird in the hand being worth two in the bush.

6.) Judge Andrew Napolitano is well known in New Jersey and has a lot of relationships in that limited geographical area that I’m sure he could put to good use in a political campaign. If we stick to New Jersey that would mean the Judge could call on his strong network with great impact at the local level. Any support he could muster based on his influence in New Jersey would be massively diluted in a campaign for President and so would be much less effective.

7.) You say you want to End the Fed? Forget about the audit and forget about abolishing it. Instead, let’s attack it at its monopoly. The Judge could allow for competitive currencies (including something like bitcoin), remove taxes from “capital gains” on gold and silver (nullifying Federal law), and set up a state issued gold backed dollar. People would drop Federal Reserve notes and run to the states gold backed sound money currency. The New Jersey economy would improve greatly and the example would be set for the rest of the states in the nation. Unless I’m not seeing things correctly, this would put a crack in the wall that would grow large and ultimately devastate the Federal Reserve system.

TSANaziSSBlueShirts8.) As Governor of New Jersey The Judge could also:

– Nullify the TSA

– Nullify the Patriot Act

– Nullify the drug war

– Nullify Obamacare

– Nullify any Federal gun control laws; past, present and future

– Legalize Hemp production/farming and bring hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars into the New Jersey economy

– Block all unconstitutional drone surveillance

– Undo the militarization of the police department and push for accountability for police brutality

– Arrest and jail any Federal agents that illegally entered the State of New Jersey with the intent to violate any of its laws…and the list goes on and on.

As Governor, Judge Andrew Napolitano could fulfill Ron Paul’s goal of getting rid of all the Federal departments.

And I’m sure this is just the tip of the iceberg!

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Again, I hope you will share your thoughts. I’d very much like to hear your input, in favor or against this idea of drafting The Judge.


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