‘Trump will be assassinated’: Paul Craig Roberts

January 4, 2017

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts states clearly and repeatedly that if they can’t stop him becoming president they’ll kill Trump just as they did with John Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, James A. Garfield and William McKinley.

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He’s not crazy, and they are probably running calculations and focus groups on that contingency as we write.

He’s not always right, he parroted the Mockingbird Media lies about Honduras in 2009, when they stopped a stealth auto-coup nobody wanted, disguised as a referendum on a new constitution. They arrested him legally for crimes in charges his own government’s attorney-general brought against him in court, getting a court order for same. For which that attorney general paid for in two well-funded well-planned well-manned professional hits on him that he survived.


A small amount of truth mixed with a lie is still a lie.