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Have you noticed the similarities between Trump‘s Russia nonsense and the Obama Birth Certificate nonsense?

In both instances, one MSM outlet latches onto an improvable story (either because there is actually no evidence or because the system will not move forward with the evidence) and runs with it for years, continuing and deepening the hate and division between the American people.

Now, for those that would want to start arguing that either Russia gate or Obama’s birther situation are real scandals and are TRUE, I want you to understand I call them both nonsense because they will never amount to anything of consequence.

In other words, if you think Obama really isn’t an American citizen, great! And if you think Trump really did collude with Russia to “fix” the election, great again! But that’s not the point I’m trying to make.

What I’m trying to say is neither one of these stories is designed to go anywhere. They are just dead-end energy sucking and time wasting tricks that the elite play to keep us distracted and to divide us.

In fact, I think most, if not all of the news is just exactly that.

To further prove the point, when was the last time any politician faced any consequences for…anything?

smoking gun.jpg
Our headlines are riddled with scandals, day after day, and we’re told the smoking gun is here now and “this is the end” for so and so. Yet when you stop and take a step back and look at what the actual results have been, for ALL of the hundreds and hundreds of scandals that have been in the news over the past years, we have nothing to show for them.  No one has gone to jail. There have been nearly zero consequences for any high-level politician for decades now.

When are we going to realize that all of the scandals we see and hear about on the news are just lies, made up by the media (or by the “system”) and they effectively are meaningless distractions?

The next time you hear the media say that THIS is the smoking gun, remember, the only smoking gun that exists is the one that is pointed at YOU.

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