University of Colorado Allows Students to Carry Guns

The University of Colorado is allowing its students to carry concealed guns with them on campus. As long as students are 21 or older and have a license to carry a weapon, they can bring guns with them to class, the bookstore, and the quad.

The state Supreme Court in March ruled against a 1994 campus ban on firearms. Guns are still banned from sporting events and in dorm rooms on the Boulder campus, but students who insist on having a gun with them at all times are able to request graduate level housing.

“Residence hall students who have a concealed carry permit or who obtain [one] under Colorado law during the housing contract period may seek to be relocated to a University Apartment (if space is available) or be released from the residence hall contract without financial penalty,” reads a statement by the university.

University of Colorado Allows Students to Carry Guns [continued]


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  • Zac Normansell

    well we put it into law in this country because we all have the freedom of religion, so therefore your religion doesn’t give me any authority. but people of all religions must obey the law of the land.