US Border Agents Intentionally Stepped In Front Of Moving Vehicles To Justify Shooting At Them

cops-on-ATVs-near-borderThe Los Angeles Times obtained an internal review of US Border Patrol’s use-of-force policies, which US Customs and Border Protection has refused to release publicly (members of Congress have seen a summary). While the Times did not offer the report in full, the paper did publish previously unseen snippets that portray a law enforcement agency operating under loose use-of-force standards and little accountability.

The review was completed in February 2013 by the Police Executive Research Forum, a nonprofit that develops best practices for law enforcement use-of-force policies. It examined sixty-seven use-of-force incidents by federal border agents near the US-Mexico border that resulted in nineteen deaths.

Here are some key findings of the review, revealed by the Times Thursday:

  • Border Patrol agents have intentionally and unnecessarily stepped in front of moving cars to justify using deadly force against vehicle occupants.
  • Agents have shot in frustration across the US-Mexico border at rock throwers when simply moving away was an option.
  • Border Patrol demonstrates a “lack of diligence” in investigating incidents in which US agents fire their weapons.
  • It’s questionable whether Border Patrol “consistently and thoroughly reviews” incidents in which agents use deadly force.

US Border Agents Intentionally Stepped In Front Of Moving Vehicles To Justify Shooting At Them [continued]


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  • Puresnow

    Statistics show that approximately 3,000 Mexicans try to cross the United States border everyday. The Border Patrol has 20,000 agents Border Patrol Agents who protect and patrol 1,900 miles of border with Mexico and 5,000 miles of border with Canada. The US has over 300 points of entry. Border Patrol has requested more drones, but were refused because they cannot afford to operate the ones they already have. (Google National Debt Greatest Security Threat to US).
    My suggestion would be to back them up with the freshly armed-to-the-teeth DHS, who only operate within our borders anyway. Withdraw our troops from around the world and post them on the border. I’m not saying I am for or against Immigration Reform the way it is written now, but the bottom line here is: Nothing, nothing is going to happen unless we get this under control.